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When You Know Better, Do Better

I'm often asked, "What makes The Tourism Academy different?" It all comes down to our character and the personal passions of our team. We are a group of learners, first and foremost. 
Not long ago, I had the opportunity to go stargazing at Zion National Park with astronomer, Matthias Schmidt from Stargazing Zion who reminded me, "When one person teaches, two people learn." That summed it up pretty well. We are a bunch of nerds who love to learn and who find joy in helping others learn more about the world around them. This love for learning and applying what we've learned is in our DNA. 
The three main factors that really distinguish the work we do from that of any other trainer add up to give your destination access to more effective and efficient solutions. Take a look...
  • We listen. Each destination has a unique set of skills they want their stakeholders to master. We design programs that produce these outcomes. We don't just copy/paste from what everyone else is doing.
  • We apply principles of instructional design. Advised by adult learning experts, business psychologists and talent developers, our programs deliver education with empathy - providing learners with training that is accessible to both their learning style and their busy schedule. Read more
  • We use smart technology. Intuitive, easy-to-manage and insightful technologies are leveraged to make sure your team can keep up with an unlimited number of community stakeholders in as little as 5 minutes a month. Read more
Ready to talk about building a tourism ambassador program for your community? Just give me a call or click here to grab some time on my calendar.
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