Journey into Travel PR: Unveiling the World with Julie Freeman

In this captivating episode of the Tourism Academy Podcast, your host, Stephen Ekstrom, CEO and co-founder of Tourism Academy, embarks on a thought-provoking conversation with Julie Freeman, the EVP & Managing Director of MMGY NJF. Join us as we dive deep into Julie's extraordinary journey in the tourism industry and unveil the intricacies of travel public relations.


Julie's story begins with a lucky start in tourism during her teenage years when she seized an opportunity to study abroad in Spain. Little did she know that this experience would ignite her passion for travel and set her on a path of exploration and cultural immersion. She learned from her study abroad program that the world is vast and small, filled with opportunities to embrace different cultures and ways of life.

Julie's love for learning and experiencing new places and cultures shines through as she discusses her travels from the Maldives to Egypt and beyond. She shares her fascination with the beach, cultural experiences, and the joy of delving into history and local cuisines.

Discover how Julie's journey unfolded as she transitioned from wanting to work in travel, initially considering careers as a flight attendant or cruise ship crew member, to finding her calling in travel public relations. Her path was paved with opportunities to explore the world and build lasting relationships.

Julie also imparts valuable insights into the world of public relations, emphasizing the importance of understanding objectives, crafting unique messages, and building meaningful partnerships. She reflects on the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and how her team adapted to changing dynamics.

Listen as Julie discusses the evolving media landscape and the art of storytelling in travel PR. She highlights the significance of mentorship and giving back to the industry, sharing wisdom for those just starting their careers.

Join us in this inspiring conversation as Julie Freeman opens up about her life's journey from Dallas to New York City and the teachers and mentors who shaped her path. Get ready to be inspired and learn from Julie's wealth of experience in travel and public relations. This episode promises to be a treasure trove of insights for anyone passionate about the tourism industry.

Let Stephen Ekstrom and Julie Freeman take you on a captivating voyage into travel and public relations.

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