Exploring Destination Advocacy with Jack Johnson, Chief Advocacy Officer at Destinations International

In this captivating episode, Stephen Ekstrom, the host of The Tourism Academy's Business Class podcast, sits down with Jack Johnson, the esteemed Chief Advocacy Officer at Destinations International. Join us as we delve into a deep conversation about Jack's remarkable work, passions, and the significant initiatives undertaken by the D.I. Foundation.

As a true champion of the tourism industry, Jack Johnson has dedicated his career to advancing destination advocacy on a global scale. With an impressive background in public policy and extensive experience in destination marketing organizations, Jack brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the discussion.




Stephen Ekstrom guides us through a thought-provoking exploration of Jack's journey and the pivotal role he plays in shaping the future of the tourism sector. From discussing the challenges faced by destination organizations to highlighting successful advocacy campaigns, this conversation offers valuable lessons and inspiring stories.

The episode further unravels the fascinating work of the D.I. Foundation, a renowned institution committed to supporting destinations through research, education, and innovative programs. Jack shares his passion for empowering destinations worldwide and fostering sustainable tourism practices that benefit local communities and economies.

Whether you're a tourism professional, an avid traveler, or simply curious about the inner workings of destination advocacy, this episode is a must-listen. Gain valuable insights, learn about impactful initiatives, and discover how the D.I. Foundation is making a real difference in the world of travel and tourism.

Tune in to this enlightening conversation between Stephen Ekstrom and Jack Johnson to gain a deeper understanding of destination advocacy and the transformative power it holds for the tourism industry. Visit tourismacademy.org to access this episode and explore additional resources to enhance your knowledge in the field of tourism.

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