Tourism Academy Partners with Thinkific

The Tourism Academy is excited to announce its partnership with Thinkific. The new platform will allow the Tourism Academy to offer more opportunities and engaging content.

Tourism Academy believes that “innovation is problem solving.”

“It’s not enough to be on a mission that matters. You must have the ideas and technologies to match. The Tourism Academy does,” Tourism Academy Chief Strategist Stephen Ekstrom said.

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The new platform supported by Thinkific supports Tourism Academy’s mission and allows Tourism Academy course developers to offer enhanced courses.

This is a strategic partnership with one of the world's leading Learning Experience Companies that opens the door for us to focus more on what we do best - creating great courses that inspire, engage and educate,” Ekstrom said in a company-wide message.

A few of Tourism Academy’s offerings on every course thanks to Thinkific:

  • Custom web themes and domains

  • Drip scheduling

  • Cohorts

  • Community spaces and notifications

  • Live lessons and events

  • Multiple instructors

  • Increased analytics

  • Bundles, coupons and cross-selling


Working alongside Thinkific’s development team, Tourism Academy began its migration and will complete the process on an accelerated timeline of March 31, 2023.


“We wanted to make the move before the second quarter was even half over. We are working diligently to make the transition as smooth as possible,” Ekstrom said.


New courses for new destinations are being developed on the new platform. Lessons are being populated daily by Tourism Academy lesson creators.


Tourism Academy’s Ekstrom said that, “we have multiple classes being created, more in development and even more set to be added later in the quarter.”

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Ekstrom added that the course developers were enjoying the ease of use and intuitiveness of Thinkific.


“It works similar to our previous site, but easier in a lot of ways. This is a win-win for destinations and their ambassadors,” Ekstrom noted.


The new platform allows for more customization. Ekstrom said that clients were looking for a more personal touch and more features.


“The new Thinkific-backed platform will give each of our clients a custom approach and will allow us to keep our unique, education model,” Ekstrom said.


Tourism Academy is excited for the growth possibilities with Thinkific.

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Tourism Academy provides online destination training, tourism ambassador certifications, 200+ knowledge, skill and product courses, training solutions for businesses and enterprise, brand building and lead generating promotions and is designed for adult learned by educators.


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