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TEA - The Secret To Effective Tourism Training

What makes The Tourism Academy special?

There are hundreds of individuals eager to lead a workshop, present a keynote speech or talk with your members and tourism community. So how do you decide which is right for you? The secret is in the TEA. 

Sheena Works, Chief Learning Officer here at The Tourism Academy is credited with developing the TEA criteria for effective training and professional adult education. Now recognized around the globe, the TEA model focuses on the needs of adult learners and busy professionals by clearly defining what training should accomplish. 

Each program developed, endorsed or presented by The Tourism Academy meets this T.E.A. criteria:

tourism academy private learning portal enterpriseT - Transformative Training

We teach skills. By taking our courses, people learn to do something they were unable to do before. We do not assert expertise or focus on theory. We focus on practical application.

E - Engaging Instruction

Engagement - students are active participants in their own learning. We utilize a number of scientifically proven training & adult learning techniques to make sure users are interacting with the content, screen and instructor. We won't subject you to lengthy lectures or content for content's sake.

A - Accessibility and Accommodation

This is education with empathy. Providing training that meets students when, where and how they learn best.

  • Training that serves multiple learning styles and abilities

  • Training that is available when & where stakeholders are most inspired - online & on demand

Want to learn more or find someone to speak to your stakeholders? Give us a call at 954.289.4585 or contact us


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