The TEA - Guidelines for Effective Tourism Training

The Tourism Academy has a little secret that makes each program we offer more effective and efficient than the destination marketing and tourism industries have ever seen.

Developed by our Chief Learning Officer, Sheena Works, the T.E.A. criteria serve as a litmus test against which all courses, trainings, talks, and certifications are graded. 

So what's the TEA and how does it make your tourism ambassador, conference workshop, staff in-service and stakeholder education better?

Every Tourism Ambassador And Stakeholder Training Must Be:

  • Transformative - we teach skills. By taking our courses, people learn to do something they were unable to do before. We do not assert expertise or focus on theory. We focus on practical application.

  • Engaging - students are active participants in their own learning. We utilize a number of scientifically proven training & adult learning techniques to make sure users are interacting with the content, screen and instructor. We won't subject you to lengthy lectures or content for content's sake.

  • Accessible - this is education with empathy. Providing training that meets students when, where and how they learn best.

    • Training that serves multiple learning styles and abilities

    • Training that is available when & where stakeholders are most inspired - online & on demand

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