Paul Ouimet: Journey through a Luminary's Career

In this episode, join The Tourism Academy's CEO and co-founder, Stephen Ekstrom, as he sits down with Paul Ouimet from MMGY NextFactor, a distinguished figure in the tourism industry, and explore his illustrious career's fascinating twists and turns. From aviation and transportation to a pivotal role in founding a consultancy specializing in border processes and air services development, Paul's journey is one of diverse experiences and relentless dedication.

Paul's claim to fame, "Destination Next," took the tourism industry by storm a decade ago. He shares the secrets of its success and how he leveraged insights from other sectors to reshape tourism. Get ready to delve into the nitty-gritty of strategic planning and scenario modeling that transformed how we approach destination management.

But it's not all about business. Paul opens up about his most rewarding experiences, like his remarkable work in Puerto Rico, aiding in strategic recovery after Hurricane Maria. Discover what truly drives him – the pursuit of consensus and togetherness in board retreats with shared goals.

The conversation continues beyond work. Paul's childhood and the mentors who believed in him shaped his incredible work ethic. Hear heartwarming stories of kindness from strangers and the importance of mentorship in his life. And, of course, he took advantage of the life-changing travel experience that shifted his perspective on sustainability and our planet.

Paul offers invaluable advice for those starting their careers in three phases: learning, capitalizing, and giving back. It's a candid conversation filled with wisdom, inspiration, and a call to focus on the positives and opportunities that lie ahead.

Tune in to this episode to find out about a man who has left an indelible mark on the tourism industry and continues to inspire us all.

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