Live Lesson: Bridging Generations - Nurturing the Next Wave of Tourism Talent for Destination Marketing Excellence

Join us for an exclusive live lesson presented by the Tourism Academy! In this enlightening session, Dr. Robert Donato, assistant professor and program manager at Broward College's hospitality and tourism program, shares valuable insights on nurturing the next wave of tourism talent for destination marketing excellence.
Discover the latest trends and challenges in the tourism industry post-COVID, gain insights from student surveys, and explore strategies to support and empower the future generation of hospitality professionals. Dr. Donato dives deep into topics like work-life balance, industry opportunities, and the importance of empathy in the hospitality sector.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an industry expert and gain valuable knowledge to excel in the world of tourism and hospitality. Watch the video to uncover key strategies and tips for success in the rapidly evolving tourism landscape.


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