Announcement: Meet Our New Guest Instructors for the Tourism Leadership Accelerator Course!

We're thrilled to announce the addition of three incredible guest instructors who will join us for the upcoming Tourism Leadership Accelerator course. These distinguished industry leaders bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the table, and we're confident that their insights will inspire and empower our participants. Please join us in welcoming Jocelyn Johnson, CMO of Girl Scouts of USA, Brett Jewkes, EVP, Chief Brand, and Communications Officer at Blank Family of Businesses / AMB Sports & Entertainment, and Roger VanDerSnick, Indianapolis Colts' Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. You can learn more about these esteemed professionals and the valuable perspectives they will share with our aspiring tourism leaders.

  1. Jocelyn Johnson - CMO of Girl Scouts of USA: Jocelyn Johnson, a trailblazer in marketing and brand strategy, has successfully led the Girl Scouts of USA as their Chief Marketing Officer. With her extensive experience in youth development and fostering community engagement, Jocelyn has spearheaded innovative campaigns that have captivated audiences and strengthened the organization's brand. During her session, Jocelyn will delve into the power of purpose-driven marketing, the importance of building strong community relationships, and the strategies for creating meaningful and impactful campaigns within the tourism industry.

  2. Brett Jewkes - EVP, Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Blank Family of Businesses / AMB Sports & Entertainment: Brett Jewkes is a seasoned professional in brand management and communications, having served as the EVP and Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Blank Family of Businesses and AMB Sports & Entertainment. His extensive sports marketing and entertainment background gives him a unique perspective on engaging audiences and creating memorable experiences. Brett will share his insights on leveraging sports tourism, enhancing fan engagement, and the vital role of experiential marketing in building successful tourism destinations.

  3. Roger VanDerSnick - Indianapolis Colts' Chief Sales and Marketing Officer: Roger VanDerSnick brings a wealth of expertise in sales and marketing, having played a pivotal role in the success of the Indianapolis Colts as their Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. Roger's deep understanding of consumer behavior, effective promotional strategies, and customer-centric approaches have driven significant growth for the organization. His session will explore the intricacies of sports tourism and how to leverage partnerships, data-driven marketing, and exceptional customer experiences to create a winning destination.

Conclusion: Including Jocelyn Johnson, Brett Jewkes, and Roger VanDerSnick as guest speakers for the Tourism Leadership Accelerator course is an exciting development for all participants. Their unique backgrounds and accomplishments in their respective fields will provide invaluable insights and strategies to enhance the participant's knowledge and skills. We eagerly look forward to their sessions, where they will discuss purpose-driven marketing, experiential marketing in sports tourism, and data-driven strategies for success.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn from these esteemed professionals and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic tourism industry. Register for the Tourism Leadership Accelerator course today, and get ready to be inspired by these visionary leaders!


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