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Five Outcomes of Effective Tourism Training

Five Outcomes of Effective Tourism Ambassador Training

Our destination marketing (DMO) and convention & visitors bureau (CVB) partners consistently tell us that knowledge is power. An engaged, energetic team of community members and stakeholders that's informed and excited about welcoming new visitors are key ingredients in the recipe for tourism and tourism ambassador success.

As a manager, you can't personally impart all the information necessary for all of your stakeholders and local workers to excel on the front line and improve your visitor experience. You've got too many other fires burning.

That's where destination knowledge and tourism skill training programs come in. This 2014 annual holiday survey from Deloitte* indicates 61% of consumers expect associates to be knowledgeable about products and 48% indicate a knowledgeable associate increases the likelihood they will make a purchase.

The best tourism ambassador training program delivers tangible, measurable results. Here are five outcomes to expect from an effective training program for your destination stakeholders & front line workers.

1. Improved Visitor Experiences, Length of Stay and Retention

Well-rounded tourism training programs help participating community members transfer their knowledge to visitors in engaging, fun ways. Visitors who feel engaged, like they're making a connection with your people and not simply getting a sales pitch, are more likely to feel like they've had an authentic tourist experience.

Even more importantly, they're more likely to return to your destination for their next trip.

2. Increase in Overall Visitor Spending and Add-on Sales

Tourism Ambassador training that empowers volunteers and front line workers, and engages visitors boosts overall in-destination spending. In addition, knowledgeable tourism ambassadors are better-positioned to suggest events, activities, restaurants and experiences that visitors might not have considered, further boosting local sales and revenues.

3. More Upselling to Higher-Priced Experiences And More Overnights

Knowledgeable, empowered front line workers see upsell and extend-your-stay opportunities in virtually every visitor interaction. If you're looking for a cost-effective way to boost your destination's margins and garner more lengthy, overnight visits, look no further than a well-rounded tourism ambassador training program.

4. Better Teamwork

Front line workers with extensive, up-to-date knowledge about your city, state or region, and service know-how are more likely to feel a stake in your destination success, and to work together with your destination marketing organization or convention & visitors bureau as a cohesive team. Community members who understand the importance of tourism are easier to inspire, activate and engage. They are more likely to go the extra mile to help visitors—and the destination itself.

5. Increase in Visitor Satisfaction & Spending during Seasonal Periods

The most impactful training programs give ambassadors the tools necessary to be more resourceful with their visitor engagement and service efforts. This is particularly true during peak travel season and other special occasions, a prime time for new product, campaign & experience launches.

Targeted and in-depth learning opportunities about the latest destination tourism products and tips for suggesting or selling them provide better results during visitor interactions.

Supportive Training Program Design

Most front line companies have mandatory training programs for all employees. It’s important that any optional training program doesn't conflict with other on-the-job responsibilities, such as selling products. Additionally, voluntary training programs should be highly targeted, supporting the needs of your stakeholders and easily consumed in short timeframes.

Community members, front line workers and civic leaders who feel engaged, are empowered to share their knowledge with tourists, and can devote their full attention to promoting new experiences, are critical ingredients for attaining desirable, measurable outcomes.

We want to ensure community members and destination marketing staff feel empowered, not burdened, by Tourism Ambassador training. We designed the TEA Training Criteria to do just that.

We even make it fun to learn. Community stakeholders and front line workers complete Learning activities to earn points and certificates of completion, which they can then redeem for prizes and other rewards.

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