Discovering Saudi Arabia: A Journey towards Sustainable Tourism with Stephen Ekstrom

We are thrilled to share some exhilarating news with you today! Our very own CEO and co-founder, Stephen Ekstrom, is embarking on a remarkable journey to Saudi Arabia. Overflowing with excitement, knowledge, and a deep commitment to sustainable tourism, Stephen is set to engage with students, partners, and tourism leaders, contributing to the visionary Saudi Vision 2030.

Here at The Tourism Academy |, we are firm believers in the transformative potential of sustainable tourism. It's not merely about traversing new territories; it's about forging meaningful connections, fostering cultural understanding, and nurturing environments for future generations. Saudi Arabia, with its diverse cultural tapestry, awe-inspiring landscapes, and ambitious vision for the future, presents an extraordinary canvas to explore these principles.

Over the course of a week-long expedition, Stephen will traverse a tapestry of landscapes, from tranquil beaches to bustling historic districts, from traditional tent communities to futuristic urban developments. Each stop along the way offers a unique lens through which to view Saudi Arabia's rich tapestry of past, present, and future.

Yet, Stephen's journey goes beyond mere exploration. It is a voyage of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and mutual learning. He will engage with students, educators, and tourism leaders, sharing insights, exchanging ideas, and forging partnerships that will propel sustainable tourism forward. Together, they will explore avenues to leverage tourism as a catalyst for economic growth, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation.

Saudi Vision 2030 represents a bold blueprint for the future, and sustainable tourism lies at its heart. Through innovation, conservation, and community engagement, Saudi Arabia aspires to emerge as a global tourism hub while safeguarding its unique identity and heritage.

We invite you to join us on this captivating journey as we follow Stephen's adventures in Saudi Arabia. Through vivid blog posts, captivating social media updates, and immersive live streams, we will bring you closer to the sights, sounds, and stories that encapsulate the essence of this remarkable destination. Let us together celebrate the splendor that is Saudi Arabia and the profound potential of sustainable tourism to shape a brighter tomorrow for all.

Keep an eye out for updates from the road!

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