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English For Tourism Course Launches In Saudi Arabia

More than 600 Saudi nationals have enrolled to advance their careers, join the tourism economy and support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 - a plan to build a progressive future for the country.

The course includes a combination of live lectures, self-paced learning, practical training, voice recognition applications and graded assessments that prepare learners for a wide variety of careers in Saudi Arabia's growing tourism economy.

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In addition to language lessons, students will learn about the region's culture, geography, tourism assets, and ambitions. Guest speakers from a variety of professions and leading tourism markets will join students for live discussions on the needs of specific travelers, anticipating the needs of visitors from other cultures, and acclimating themselves to the wide variety of accents and pace of speech from native English speakers. 

Graduates of the program serve their communities as Tourism Ambassadors and will be fast-tracked to new jobs in hospitality, activity, dining, lodging and transportation within the targeted development regions. 


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