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Decoding Human Behavior: A Conversation with Joseph St. Germain, Ph.D.

In this captivating episode of our podcast, The Academy's Co-founder and Business Class podcast host Stephen Ekstrom sits down with the brilliant mind of Joseph St. Germain, Ph.D., President and Partner at Downs & St. Germain Research. With an impressive academic background and extensive experience in the field of research, Joseph has made a significant impact on understanding human behavior.

Stephen and Joseph embark on a thought-provoking journey, beginning with Joseph's educational milestones—a Bachelor's degree in Applied Science in Psychology from the University of Minnesota – Duluth, followed by a Master's and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Florida State University. From there, Joseph's career path led him to join the firm, then known as Kerr & Downs Research, in 2007, where he played a pivotal role in all aspects of the research process.




As an expert in moderating focus groups and employing cutting-edge statistical techniques like structural equation modeling and conjoint analysis, Joseph unveils the power of translating survey data into models that predict attitudes and behavior. Listeners will gain valuable insights into how these techniques are transforming the way we understand and anticipate human responses.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Joseph's multifaceted personality shines through as he shares his experiences as a former professor at Flagler College – Tallahassee campus and his involvement in organizations like Leadership Tallahassee – Class 32. Unveiling his lesser-known passions, Joseph's love for golf, classical gaming, and occasional discussions on fantasy football add an engaging twist to the conversation.

Join us for this enthralling episode as we delve into the mind of Joseph St. Germain, Ph.D., an exceptional researcher, leader, and advocate for understanding the complexities of human behavior. Get ready to expand your knowledge and gain a fresh perspective on the fascinating world of research and its implications for our everyday lives.

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