What to Expect from The Tourism Academy at Destinations International's Annual Conference in Tampa

What to Expect from The Tourism Academy at Destinations International's Annual Conference in Tampa

As you prepare to attend the Destinations International Annual Conference this July in the vibrant city of Tampa, we at The Tourism Academy are excited to connect with you and share our expertise in advancing the tourism industry. Our team has been diligently preparing to bring you valuable insights and thought-provoking discussions that will help shape the future of tourism promotion.

Who We Are

The Tourism Academy | tourismacademy.org is a nonprofit organization dedicated to harnessing the power of science, business psychology, and adult education to build sustainable economies and advance the tourism industry. Our mission is to educate and inspire tourism professionals by providing cutting-edge research, innovative strategies, and practical tools that drive success.

Meet Our Team

We are thrilled to introduce the team members who will be representing The Tourism Academy at this year’s conference:

  • Stephen Ekstrom, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Sheena Works, Chief Learning Officer
  • Eric Lutey, Development Director

Each of us brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in tourism, organizational psychology, and behavioral economics. We are looking forward to engaging with you, sharing our insights, and learning from your experiences.

Join Our Panel Discussion

One of the highlights of our presence at the conference will be our panel discussion on “Organizational Psychology and Behavioral Economics in Tourism Promotion.” This session promises to provide valuable insights into how understanding human behavior and psychological principles can enhance your destination marketing strategies. Here’s what you can expect from the panel:

  • Innovative Approaches: Learn about the latest research and practical applications of organizational psychology and behavioral economics in tourism.
  • Real-World Examples: Discover how these principles have been successfully implemented in various tourism campaigns and initiatives.
  • Interactive Discussion: Engage with our panelists and your peers in a dynamic discussion that encourages questions, sharing of experiences, and collaborative problem-solving.

Find Us on the Floor

Although we won’t have a booth this year, our team members will be actively working the floor, ready to connect and engage with you. Look for our distinctive blue shoes—an easy way to spot us in the crowd. Here’s what you can expect:

  • On-the-Go Discussions: Feel free to stop us for a quick chat or to delve into in-depth discussions about your destination marketing challenges and opportunities.
  • Networking Opportunities: We’ll be mingling throughout the conference, eager to n
    etwork, share insights, and explore potential collaborations.
  • Informal Meetups: Join us for impromptu meetups and conversations in the common areas, where we can exchange ideas and experiences in a more relaxed setting.

Stay Connected

Can’t make it to the conference? Follow us on social media for live updates, highlights from our panel discussion, and insights from the conference floor. We’ll share key takeaways and provide opportunities for virtual engagement.

We’re looking forward to an inspiring and productive time at the Destinations International Annual Conference in Tampa. Together, we can advance the tourism industry and create more impactful, sustainable destination marketing strategies.

Safe travels, and see you in Tampa!

About the Author: Stephen Ekstrom

Stephen Ekstrom is the embodiment of a passionate lifelong learner and a seasoned professional in the tourism industry, serving as the CEO and co-founder of the nonprofit Tourism Academy | tourismacademy.org. With over 25 years of experience, he has cultivated a deep understanding of tourism development and education, driven by his commitment to advancing the industry and fostering sustainable economies. Stephen's insatiable curiosity and love for knowledge have led him to be a proud nerd, constantly seeking to expand his expertise and share his insights with others. Alongside his faithful furry companions, Rudy and Marjorie, he embraces the digital nomad lifestyle, traversing the globe and immersing himself in diverse cultures. A dedicated advocate for continuous improvement, Stephen is a professional member of the Association for Talent Development, a member of Skal International, and holds prestigious certifications in Inclusive and Ethical Leadership from USF and Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School.

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