Case Study: United Parks & Resorts's Successful Transition to Online Training For Travel Advisors

Client Overview:

United Parks & Resorts, a leading theme park and entertainment company, recognized the need to enhance its training program for travel agents and tour operators. Seeking a strategic partner, they collaborated with The Tourism Academy, a renowned nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the tourism industry through innovative education.


United Parks & Resorts faced the challenge of providing comprehensive and accessible training to travel professionals worldwide. The existing training methods were time-consuming, and the company needed a solution that could accommodate diverse languages, generate leads, and streamline course management.


The Tourism Academy worked closely with United Parks & Resorts to develop an online training program tailored to the needs of travel agents and tour operators. The key features of the solution included:

  1. Multilingual Courses:

    • The Tourism Academy leveraged its expertise to create courses available in 39 languages, ensuring that travel professionals worldwide could access the training content in their preferred language.
  2. Lead Generation:

    • Enrolled travel professionals automatically became valuable leads for SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. This integration facilitated a seamless transition from training to potential business partnerships.
  3. Visibility on

    • The courses were listed on The Tourism Academy's directory, a platform visited by thousands daily. This increased visibility not only for SeaWorld's training but also positioned them as a leader in providing quality education to travel professionals.
  4. Efficient Course Management:

    • SeaWorld staff could manage the entire training program in under 10 minutes a month. The user-friendly interface allowed for quick edits and the addition of new information, enabling SeaWorld to keep the content up-to-date with minimal time investment.


The collaboration between United Parks & Resorts and The Tourism Academy yielded significant results:

  1. Global Reach:

    • United Parks & Resorts' training program reached travel professionals in diverse regions, fostering a global network of knowledgeable agents and operators.
  2. Lead Conversion:

    • The integration of training with lead generation resulted in a substantial increase in potential business partnerships and collaborations with enrolled professionals.
  3. Enhanced Reputation:

    • Being featured on The Tourism Academy's platform enhanced SeaWorld's reputation as an industry leader committed to education and excellence.
  4. Time and Resource Savings:

    • SeaWorld staff experienced a remarkable reduction in time spent managing the training program, allowing them to focus on other strategic initiatives.

In conclusion, the partnership between United Parks & Resorts and The Tourism Academy exemplifies a successful integration of innovative online training solutions, contributing to the advancement of the tourism industry while yielding tangible benefits for all stakeholders involved.

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