Red Sea Global: Empowering Tourism Professionals through English Training


Red Sea Global, a leading tourism development organization, has partnered with the Tourism Academy and EduGuideKSA to offer English for Tourism training programs. The collaboration aims to equip entry-level participants in a chosen development region with the necessary language skills to thrive in the tourism industry. This case study examines the implementation and outcomes of the training initiative, focusing on the identification of 23,000 entry-level participants, enrollment in advanced English For Tourism courses, the development of live courses and study sessions, and the utilization of a beginner-level app with voice recognition.


The primary objective of the collaboration between Red Sea Global, the Tourism Academy, and EduGuideKSA was to provide English language training to 23,000 entry-level participants in the selected development region. The goal was to enhance their communication skills and proficiency in English, specifically tailored to the tourism industry. By offering advanced English For Tourism courses, live sessions, and a beginner-level app with voice recognition, the aim was to empower participants with the necessary language abilities to excel in their tourism-related roles.


  1. Participant Identification:

    Red Sea Global, in collaboration with the Tourism Academy and EduGuideKSA, conducted an extensive survey and outreach campaign to identify 23,000 entry-level participants in the chosen development region. This involved engaging with local communities, educational institutions, and tourism organizations to reach a wide pool of potential participants.

  2. Enrollment in Advanced English For Tourism Courses:

    From the identified pool of participants, 600 individuals were selected to enroll in the advanced English For Tourism program offered by the Tourism Academy. These courses were designed to provide in-depth training and a comprehensive understanding of English language skills specific to the tourism industry. The curriculum covered topics such as customer service, hospitality, cultural awareness, and effective communication.

  3. Development of Live Courses and Study Sessions:

    To cater to the learning needs of the wider participant group, Red Sea Global, the Tourism Academy, and EduGuideKSA developed 50 live courses and 500 break-out study sessions. These interactive sessions were delivered by experienced trainers and industry professionals, covering various aspects of English for Tourism. The courses focused on practical communication skills, including greetings, giving directions, making reservations, and handling customer inquiries.

  4. Beginner-Level App with Voice Recognition:

    Recognizing the need for accessible and self-paced learning resources, the collaboration introduced a beginner-level mobile app with voice recognition technology. The app provided participants who were just getting started with English language learning an engaging platform to practice their pronunciation, vocabulary, and listening skills. The app offered interactive exercises, quizzes, and real-time feedback through voice recognition technology to enhance the learning experience.


  1. Enhanced Language Skills: Through the collaborative efforts of Red Sea Global, the Tourism Academy, and EduGuideKSA, the training initiative successfully improved the English language skills of the 600 participants enrolled in the advanced English For Tourism courses. Participants gained proficiency in industry-specific vocabulary, customer service interactions, and cultural understanding, enabling them to communicate effectively with tourists.

  2. Increased Accessibility: The development of live courses and study sessions, along with the utilization of the beginner-level app, significantly increased the accessibility of English training for the wider participant group. Participants were able to access training resources at their convenience, improving their language skills in a self-paced manner.

  3. Empowered Workforce: As a result of the training initiative, the tourism industry in the chosen development region witnessed the emergence of a more skilled and confident workforce. Participants who completed the English for Tourism training program demonstrated improved employability prospects and were better equipped to contribute to the growth of the tourism sector.


The partnership between Red Sea Global, the Tourism Academy, and EduGuideKSA successfully addressed the need for English language training in the tourism industry. By identifying and training 23,000 entry-level participants, enrolling 600 individuals in advanced English For Tourism courses, developing live courses and study sessions, and utilizing a beginner-level app with voice recognition, the collaboration played a vital role in empowering tourism professionals. The initiative not only improved language skills but also contributed to the overall growth and development of the tourism sector in the chosen region.

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