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Building High-Performing Teams for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

How many times have you heard that the tourism industry is built on relationships - those we have with our teams, vendors, customers and the world around us. You deserve to have the best tourism leadership on your side. Beyond what you'd find a the traditional brick and mortar hospitality and tourism school; here's how to make that possible - build the team of your dream.


Building High-Performance Teams for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Self-Paced Course

Learn how to build the team of your dreams and grow your business. 

What you'll learn:

  • Foundations of business management
  • How to become a better manager or team leader
  • How to bring out the best in your people
  • How to work effectively in team environments
  • How to focus your people on common goals
  • How to develop teamwork as a strategic and sustainable competitive advantage
  • How to identify and overcome the Five Critical Dysfunctions of teams
  • How to minimize interpersonal friction and maximize productivity

This course includes:

  • Seven (7) self-paced modules
  • Direct engagement with course instructor
  • Downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime course access
  • Access on mobile, desktop and tablet
  • Certificate of completion

From the Instructor:

Welcome to one of the best courses for 2021. "Building high-performance teams for a sustainable competitive advantage" is a thorough new course focused on critical business education. The competitive advantage of this course is that it provides students with both a ground theoretical knowledge in fundamental concepts of firms' management, as well as the practical tools to become successful team leaders/managers/members and contribute to the achievement of a sustainable competitive advantage. Built on a solid foundation of the most up-to-date research and theory, the modules are packed with discussion questions and a number of articles and videos focusing on critical topics. This course is for:

  • Directors seeking ways to achieve a competitive advantage and differentiate their business's products and/or services in dynamic markets.

  • Managers/executives/members who want to enhance their performance through developing soft skills.

  • Managers/executives who want to enhance the overall organizational performance through creating and leading effective teams.

  • Individuals/students who wish to expand their knowledge and acquire the right tools before entering the business world.

Taking into consideration that gaining knowledge should not be a stressful process, the course is designed in a way that gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace by approaching one 30-minute module at a time.

Enjoy! Irene Zografou, MSc, MBA, PhD Candidate


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