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5 Myths About Online Training Debunked

Online training gets a bad rap in the hospitality business. Travel and tourism professionals tend to be extroverts that feed off the energy of a room full of people. The idea that instruction can be successful in an online format doesn’t fit comfortably. Nevermind that most have been subjected to countless, pointless webinars that could have easily been an email.

When you decide to create an online training program for your team, you need to know that

  • it will be effective.

  • your team wants to engage.

  • it will be inexpensive.

  • it will be time-saving.

  • it brings people together.

Let’s dig a little deeper and address your concerns. Here are 5 reasons travel and tourism organizations need to use online training!


1. Online Training Won’t Be Effective

Online training is incredibly effective… and you can prove it! Unlike traditional training, an organization’s ability to monitor productivity and performance is tracked through ongoing reports and analytics.

You can determine an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, and ability to apply what they’ve learned – adjusting or supporting when necessary.

You can also customize training based on the specific needs of your company, maximizing its benefits and ROI.

2. My Team Prefers A Personal Touch

Research shows that online training is a much better way to engage your team than traditional training. It’s

  • accessible.

  • flexible.

  • self-paced.

  • inclusive of all learning styles.

  • collaborative.

  • less time-consuming.

Tourism professionals love that they can train when it fits their schedules, rather than on a designated day for a designated period of time. As a result, they are more engaged and more receptive to learning.

Organizations who choose eLearning experience retention rates of 25% - 60% versus face-to-face training compares at only 8% to 10%.


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3. Online Training is Expensive

If you opt for an online platform to train your team, it will likely reduce your professional development costs. You don’t have to pay expensive instructor expenses or travel fees (airfare, hotel, and materials really add up), there’s no site or conference fee, and you won’t even have to pay for a meal!

In a world where many travel professionals are working remotely, it’s tough to get your team together in one location. Online training makes it possible to include everyone at a fraction of the cost. Your certified travel agent course can be available 24/7 to agents around the globe, saving you countless labor hours and scheduling hassles.

Additionally, every dollar invested in online training results in $30 of productivity. That’s a hefty return on investment!

4.  It Requires A Lot of Time

Au contraire, mon frere! Training online saves you time! The goal of any good training program is to meet the constantly changing needs of the organization. When you start on the path to digital learning, you can quickly and easily update your course content to reflect those needs. Current statistics, product features, demos, and more are revised with just a click.

If you want to be sure everyone is up to speed with a new certification or industry requirement, simply add it to your existing outline instead of starting from scratch.


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5.  Online Training is Isolating

This one’s a little trickier because online instruction can be an isolating experience. Learners log on, start the class, and work through the levels independently. However, some content lends itself to discussion or collaboration with other course participants.

Encourage your staff to participate in these networking opportunities! Working remotely tends to foster disconnect - use eLearning to create opportunities to share ideas, work on projects, or address team concerns and questions. Create a community of learners and collaborators despite the distance!


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Online training is a great choice for travel and tourism organizations seeking to be more effective and efficient. Learn how to move your training online. Choose a trusted, reliable platform that fits your team’s needs and customize a program that works for you!




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