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Online Learning Makes Training Tourism Professionals Easy!

Standards. Certifications. Industry updates. Compliance regulations. Technology and HR.  Training your team is like a never-ending “to-do” list. Chances are you don’t have an in-house training manager or a monster budget for professional development.  As a result, you end up piece-mealing your training or worse, skipping it altogether.  Yikes!

Benefits of Professional Development in Travel and Tourism

Research has proven time and again that professional education is the key to success for travel and tourism businesses and organizations.  It

  • prepares employees for current and future positions.
  • helps attract top job candidates.
  • promotes higher retention rates.
  • encourages staff to stay relevant within the industry.

It’s important to make professional development part of your business strategy - and online learning makes training your team easy.

How Does Online Learning Help Your Team?

Flexible and Accessible

Time is always in short supply.  Most of us have jobs, families, activities, commitments, and more to keep us busy.  Finding time to take a class is challenging.  

Online learning is accessible 24/7 and on multiple devices.  Early birds can log on to their iPads before the work day starts.  Night owls can curl up with a laptop in the wee hours of the morning.  The multi-taskers on your team can complete classes on phones while commuting to work (not while driving, of course!)

Flexibility allows your team to learn when they are fresh and energized, increasing retention levels and contributing more to the workplace.

Addresses Multiple Learning Styles

Online learning is also designed to meet the needs of most learners.  Most of us think of classes as boring lectures with professors that drone on about their topics.  

Online learning is interactive and dynamic.  It uses multiple methods to deliver content, including videos, graphics, e-books, and even gaming.  It also allows for self-paced instruction so your employees won’t race through the course without understanding the material.  Engaging your staff through e-learning is a smart way to address a variety of learning styles.

Measurable Results

One of the great advantages of using online learning to train your team is that it provides measurable results.  Training is only effective if it helps the organization as a whole. When you train your team online, you can quickly pull data like completion rates and grades from the learning management system (LMS).

This kind of digital record keeping allows you to keep track of who is doing what and when.  It also allows you to adjust your business strategy simply and efficiently based on the data.

Collaborative, Connective and Standardized

In the travel and tourism world, very little is done in isolation.  We are a collaborative community by nature - why should learning be any different?

The beauty of online learning is that it connects its learners through discussion forums, live tutorials, and industry networks.  Your staff members can work together as well as with others doing similar jobs.   

Additionally, training your team online streamlines and standardizes the process.  Employees sign off on the same required content so everyone is on the same page.


Online learning is a win for your team’s professional development budget.  You don’t have to invest in pricey speakers or expensive conferences to get a great education.  Top industry experts deliver timely and relevant instruction without the expense of travel, conference centers, catering, etc. 

Online training also gives your staff access to a much broader library of resources at a lower cost than with traditional training.  

Keep Your Team on Top

As evidenced by 2020, the travel and tourism industry changes rapidly.  Keep your team current by leveraging the latest technology as you innovate and grow.

Online learning makes training your team easy!  It’s flexible and accessible, addresses a variety of learning styles, is measurable, collaborative, and budget-friendly.  Most importantly, online learning gives you an edge in an incredibly competitive industry.

Don’t segment your staff development - take it online!  

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