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Why teach an online course at The Tourism Academy?

There are countless platforms available where you can create an online course. The Tourism Academy is the only platform that brings together qualified content & talented instructors with an audience that is hungry to learn. 

Here are just a few reasons that The Tourism Academy is the right place for you to teach...


The knowledge, skill and practice travel professionals gain from our courses helps them create more travel experiences that are truly life-changing and eye opening.


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It's your show.

Your unique POV and style are part of the students' experience. You have the freedom to create courses that reflect your passion, experience, content, pace and style. 

Earn money.

You assign a price for your course(s) and make money every time someone pays.


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It's easy.

Asynchronous (my word of the day) courses allow students to learn when, where and how it suits them best. It also means that the instructor is freed from the weekly lecture schedule, time spent grading papers and typical classroom constraints. Once your course is published, it should take little or no additional effort from you when more students enroll. It's passive income.


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We're aggressively promoting the tourismacademy.org platform, online learning, our qualified instructors and great course content - putting you and your course(s) in front of an audience that's eager to learn. The Tourism Academy's audience includes more than 22,000 travel related organizations and their 150,000+ employees, members & stakeholders with thousands more in the enrollment queue.

Travel & speaking engagements.

Associations are asking us to help deliver the in-person and online education they struggle to provide at their meetings and events. Our goal is to fill this need with instructors we know and those who have already earned great reviews from our audience.

Cross-pollination of ideas.

Our instructors are able to engage with their students, other course creators, association executives and business leaders, creating new ways to apply their skills, learn from each other, and grow personally & professionally.

Our skill based courses focus on six core competencies...

  • Tourism Essentials
  • Business Management
  • Business Finance
  • Communications
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Personal Productivity
What's most important is that you teach what you love! As you start putting together some possible topics & descriptions, I am your sounding board, able to advise on their fit within The Tourism Academy's course catalog and the needs of the tourism industry.
Want to talk with me or one of our course creation experts? Click on the help icon at the lower right of your screen or give me a call at 954.289.4585.
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