Visit Great Lakes Bay: Merging STEM Learning and Tourism Development with Michael Hensley

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Tourism Academy's Business Class Podcast! In this episode, we uncover the incredible synergy between STEM education and tourism development as host Stephen Ekstrom sits down with Michael Hensley, a visionary leader from Visit Great Lakes Bay.

Join us as Stephen and Michael delve into the captivating world of incorporating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning into the realm of tourism. They explore how the Great Lakes Bay region has successfully harnessed the power of STEM education to create unique and enriching experiences for visitors.




Michael, a passionate advocate for promoting STEM education, shares his insights on how Visit Great Lakes Bay has seamlessly integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into their tourism offerings. Discover the array of interactive exhibits, immersive science centers, and hands-on workshops that have been carefully designed to engage curious minds while educating and inspiring visitors.

Through real-life examples and captivating stories, this episode uncovers how STEM-related attractions and educational partnerships have transformed the tourism landscape. Gain valuable insights into the strategies employed by Visit Great Lakes Bay, attracting global attention and making the region a magnet for STEM enthusiasts of all ages.

Whether you're a seasoned tourism professional, an entrepreneur, or a student eager to explore innovative business models, this episode of Business Class Podcast offers a unique perspective on the intersection of STEM education and tourism development. Prepare to be inspired as Stephen and Michael reveal how the fusion of education and travel can create extraordinary opportunities, shape visitor experiences, and foster a love for lifelong learning.

Tune in to this power-packed episode of the Tourism Academy's Business Class Podcast and embark on an educational journey where tourism and STEM education intertwine to shape the future of the industry. Get ready to unlock new business possibilities and gain a fresh perspective on leveraging STEM in your own tourism ventures.

Get ready to elevate your business acumen and embark on a dynamic learning adventure. Welcome to Business Class!

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