10 Ways Community Ambassadors and Advocates Can Volunteer with Destination Marketing Organizations

10 Ways Community Ambassadors and Advocates Can Volunteer with Destination Marketing Organizations

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) play a crucial role in promoting and enhancing the attractiveness of a destination. Community ambassadors and advocates are essential allies for DMOs, helping to create a welcoming atmosphere, contribute to the local economy, and preserve the cultural heritage. Here are ten impactful ways they can get involved:

1. Welcome Committees at Key Points of Entry

Volunteers can form welcome committees at airports, train stations, and bus terminals to greet visitors with warm smiles, provide maps and brochures, and answer initial questions. This first point of contact can set the tone for a positive experience, making visitors feel immediately welcomed and informed.


  • Provides a personal touch
  • Reduces visitor anxiety
  • Promotes local attractions and businesses

2. Guided Walking Tours

Ambassadors can lead guided walking tours that highlight historical sites, cultural landmarks, and hidden gems. These tours can be themed around history, art, food, or nature, offering an in-depth and authentic experience of the destination.


  • Enhances visitor knowledge and appreciation of the destination
  • Promotes local history and culture
  • Encourages longer stays and return visits

3. Participation in Local Festivals and Events

Volunteers can assist in organizing and running local festivals, fairs, and events. Their involvement can range from logistical support to performing and showcasing local talents. Being active in these events helps maintain their authenticity and ensures they run smoothly.


  • Ensures events are well-organized and enjoyable
  • Highlights the destination's cultural richness
  • Encourages community participation and pride

4. Social Media and Content Creation

Ambassadors can contribute to the DMO's social media platforms by sharing their experiences, photos, and videos. They can also write blog posts or create content that highlights lesser-known aspects of the destination.


  • Increases online visibility and engagement
  • Provides authentic, relatable content
  • Encourages digital storytelling and word-of-mouth marketing

5. Hospitality Training Programs

Volunteers can participate in or lead hospitality training programs for local businesses, ensuring that everyone from hotel staff to shop owners provides excellent service. This can include workshops on customer service, cultural sensitivity, and local knowledge.


  • Improves overall visitor experience
  • Builds a cohesive and knowledgeable hospitality network
  • Promotes consistent service standards

6. Community Clean-Up and Beautification Projects

Organizing and participating in clean-up drives, planting trees, and maintaining public spaces helps keep the destination attractive and sustainable. These projects can be ongoing or tied to specific events.


  • Enhances the destination’s aesthetic appeal
  • Promotes environmental sustainability
  • Fosters community pride and cooperation

7. Cultural Exchange Programs

Ambassadors can facilitate cultural exchange programs through which visitors can interact with locals through homestays, cooking classes, or craft workshops. These programs allow visitors to immerse themselves in the local way of life.


  • Provides authentic cultural experiences
  • Strengthens cultural understanding and appreciation
  • Supports local artisans and small businesses

8. Visitor Information Centers

Staffing visitor information centers with knowledgeable volunteers ensures that visitors have access to accurate and helpful information. Volunteers can recommend activities, restaurants, and accommodations, enhancing the overall visitor experience.


  • Provides reliable information and recommendations
  • Enhances visitor confidence and satisfaction
  • Promotes local attractions and businesses

9. Feedback and Improvement Initiatives

Collecting and analyzing visitor feedback helps DMOs understand what works and what needs improvement. Ambassadors can help by conducting surveys, organizing focus groups, and compiling reports on visitor experiences.


  • Provides valuable insights for continuous improvement
  • Enhances visitor satisfaction and retention
  • Involves the community in the destination’s development

10. Support for Local Artists and Performers

Volunteers can support local artists and performers by organizing events, promoting their work, and creating opportunities for them to showcase their talents. This can include street performances, gallery exhibitions, and live music events.


  • Enriches the cultural landscape of the destination
  • Provides a platform for local talent
  • Enhances the visitor experience with authentic local culture


Community ambassadors and advocates are vital to the success of Destination Marketing Organizations. Their involvement ensures that the destination remains vibrant, welcoming, and authentic. By engaging in these volunteer activities, they not only contribute to the local economy and culture but also build a stronger, more connected community that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor.



About the Author: Stephen Ekstrom

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