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The Tourism Academy Seeks New Advisors

The Tourism Academy | volunteer Advisory Panel shares their time and expertise. Advisors provide insight that is critical to implementing relevant curriculum, enterprise services, and strategies needed by students, employers, and the tourism industry as a whole.

The primary purpose of the advisory panel is to promote collaboration between specific educational initiatives and stakeholders in the education, destination and tourism communities. Career and technical education programs and associated outreach tools are designed to prepare students with skills, knowledge, and approaches to succeed within the tourism workforce while providing better consumer travel and visitor experiences.

The advisory panel serves as advisors to the Academy, offering curriculum recommendations and support for quality programs and have no administrative or legislative authority. Working cooperatively with program administrators, staff and instructors, the advisory committee helps strengthen and improve the Academy. The success of tourism industry workforce education depends, to a large extent, upon the activity and involvement of advisory panel.

The Tourism Academy is currently recruiting for the following roles:

Education & Instruction Advisor - an individual with a proven background in adult learning, training, and/or instructional design. This advisor will provide specific insight on the needs of those who learn and what The Tourism Academy can do to provide more transformative, engaging and accessible training. 

Technology Advisor - an individual whose demonstrated experience building, maintaining and advancing the use of technology in adult education, business training, and consumer engagement. This advisor will provide specific insight on areas of technical integration, trends in technology design, and opportunities for technical growth.


To Apply

Interested individuals may apply via LinkedIn

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