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The Tourism Academy Welcomes Passionate Travel Bloggers & Writers

Hello there.  The Tourism Academy is looking for guest writers, bloggers and content contributors to join our network of Thought Leaders who share their stories, mission, and/or expertise at 

Our reach includes over 150,000 travel professionals around the globe. Tourism Academy Thought Leader benefits include:

  • Build relationships within this incredible niche - the tourism, hospitality, travel and training community

  • Join the ranks of trusted Tourism Academy expert presenters and keynote candidates, ready when a travel & tourism conference is looking to hire a speaker

  • Boost rankings and brand awareness

  • Practice and perfect your writing skills so you can get paid to travel

  • Establish authority in your field of study or expertise

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Topics In Demand

  • Transformative travel and adult learning experiences

  • Continuing professional education and its benefits

  • Travel tips for those working in the tourism industry

  • Sustainable travel, business and economic development

  • Creating cultures of learning, innovation & exceptional service

  • Life and professional skills or knowledge acquired through travel

  • Unique perspectives on inspiring, developing and delivering travel

  • Trends in tourism - development, promotion, conventions, destination marketing and training

  • Trends in instructional design - adult learning, online courses & certification, professional development, business psychology, audience engagement, etc.

  • Business skill development - training & motivation, management, communication, finance, safety, sales/marketing & personal productivity

  • or share your story



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