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The Tourism Academy Is With You, Ziona Rodriguez!

A writer ignites the life of others through their words. Here at The Tourism Academy, our content writers compose captivating and engaging articles for our audience. 

Joining the team this summer, we welcomed a newbie, with a fresh outlook, full of hope and delight. Let’s give it up for Ziona Rodriguez, Writing and Research Intern!

Zee (Profile Picture)Ambitious. Consistent. Persevere. 

From a young age, Ziona found her sense of joy and accomplishment in consistently accomplishing new personal bests. While studying Chemical Engineering, she realized that her heart lies in expressing herself through words. Having entered university last year, she began to fuel her passion for writing through academic essays by supporting struggling international students with their coursework through  

“Being a part of The Tourism Academy is both an honor and an opportunity. From their website, I saw their intense passion for helping others through online instructional courses. Having me as one of their interns gave me the inspiration to pursue my love for writing. I want to be the kind of writer who makes articles for the happiness and betterment of others. Likewise, I plan to do my best and always work hard so that not only am I proud of myself but my peers as well.” - Ziona Rodriguez


Coming Strong and Undefeated

She has found her peace in writing through a work-from-home setup. Driven by the constant need to self-earn, she applied for any writing job the internet presented to her. Ziona overcame her fear of content writing. Alas, most of them refused her, being a newbie in the industry. Grateful for this opportunity to focus on her craft and finetune her skills, Ziona is excited to be no longer a newbie content creator.

The team sees Ziona, not as a new employee, but as an artist of words. If it weren’t for The Tourism Academy, she ultimately feels lost. Joining them gave her another comfort zone where she can prove herself and demonstrate a strong work ethic. We are ready for your articles and newest travel blogger contributions whenever you are, Ziona. 

The Tourism Academy is one of the best travel companies to work for and it doesn’t matter where you came from or currently live. As long as your potential is seen by the team, then opportunities to unlock your future await. So if you’re one of us, let us know!

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