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The Tourism Academy - About Us, Our Story

At the intersection of tourism development and instructional design, Sheena Works and Stephen Ekstrom recognized a gaping hole in the way tourism skills, products, and knowledge are taught.

Professionals were no longer tolerating dreaded webinars, the same boring speakers over and over, and budgets had been slashed for sales calls with agents & operators around the globe.  From this shift, an organization was born: The Tourism Academy.

It was founded on "T.E.A. - Transformative, Engaging & Accessible", the notion that people don't want to be lectured — they want to be helped and they want the transformative, engaging and accessible training that solves problems.

Today, the online learning movement continues to empower destination marketing organizations and tourism businesses around the world to stop interrupting, start helping, and return their focus to the traveler, the customer and the stakeholders.



Learn more about us, our values and our technology.


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