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The Tourism Academy names Stephen Ekstrom, Chief Strategist

Friends, supporters and colleagues,

The Tourism Academy is kicking off this month with some exciting news.  We are pleased to announce that we have hired our new Chief Strategist - Stephen Ekstrom.

We know that many of you have been following our path over the last couple of years and we greatly appreciate your support, encouragement, and investment in helping to launch the new platform. We all hope you will join us in giving Stephen a big (virtual) high five!

stephen_ekstrom_tourism_academyStephen has been working within the hospitality, travel & tourism industry since 1998. As founder of the Relate Strategy Group, Stephen bridged the knowledge gap between agents, operators, destinations, associations, and suppliers. He has brought to life innovative products, strategies, promotions and training tools resulting in sustainable tourism growth. He did much of this while sharing his experience as an advisor to The Tourism Academy. Stephen has shown our team and industry colleagues how talented, engaging, and pioneering he is throughout all of his work.

"I am dedicated to a clear and bold vision for the future of The Tourism Academy. Together with passionate tourism professionals, talented educators, cutting-edge technology, and proven methodology, we empower people. Our mission is simple - to provide the skill & knowledge people need to advance their careers, motivate travelers and grow their businesses - and ours is a clear path to valuable quality education." - Stephen Ekstrom

We are all excited about the direction of The Tourism Academy and our work at the intersection of travel, training, technology, and promotion. The Board of Directors looked closely at the demands of individuals, businesses, associations, and entire destinations. They sought out academics, industry leaders, business psychologists, educators, and the most recent data to understand how, why and when adults learn best. The Tourism Academy's board identified a model for the change necessary to inspire, educate and engage its people. The last couple years have been a time of deep reflection and transition for businesses and individuals involved in the travel trade, not to mention the diverse economies that rely on tourism. This tumult compelled our Board of Directors to reimagine our future, identify our strengths, areas for growth, and the leadership needed to realize our goals.

Stephen joins our team as someone who is not only passionate about The Tourism Academy but who also has the skills, experience and clear vision for taking the organization forward. The Board of Directors is confident in his ability to bring our students, instructors, team, and industry leaders together to fulfill our mission. 

We look forward to bettering professional education with you! As always, we welcome your thoughts and encourage you to stay in touch as we get to work under Stephen's leadership. Together we are changing lives.

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