Saudi Arabia Prepares Workforce With English For Tourism

In 2020, Saudi Arabia announced its ambitious Vision 2030 plan to build an entirely new economic sector based solely on inbound international tourism. The plan calls for a wide variety of new hotels, attractions, development regions, and eye-catching grand projects. To make this possible, the Ministry of Tourism recognized a pressing need to prepare local communities and future workers for an influx of English-speaking tourists. 

Competition for the English-For-Tourism training program was fierce and The Tourism Academy partnered with local Saudi firm EduGuide KSA to propose a dynamic and far-reaching educational plan. The plan included a range of instructional design methods, training formats, on demand and live lessons to meet the needs of beginner to advanced learners. 

The Ministry of Tourism's Tourism For English Course has paid off:

  • 23,000 entry level participants identified in the chosen development region

  • 600+ enrolled in advanced English For Tourism at the Tourism Academy

  • 50 live courses and 500 break out study sessions developed for learners

  • Beginner level app with voice recognition employed for those just getting started


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