Revolutionizing Tourism Education: Oklahoma City's Destination Insider Training Goes Online


Oklahoma City, known for its vibrant culture, historical landmarks, and thriving tourism industry, has long been committed to providing exceptional experiences for visitors. To further enhance its tourism sector, the city has launched an innovative initiative called "Destination Insider Training." This case study explores how Oklahoma City successfully launched its renowned training program online by collaborating with the Tourism Academy, resulting in increased accessibility, improved learning outcomes, and enhanced industry professionalism.


Oklahoma City's tourism industry has experienced steady growth in recent years, attracting visitors from across the globe. However, the city recognized the need to continuously improve the quality of services provided by tourism professionals. To address this, Visit OKC partnered with the prestigious Tourism Academy, renowned for its expertise in tourism education and professional development, to create a comprehensive training program.


Before the transition to an online platform, their front line, ambassador training program faced several challenges, including:

a) Limited accessibility: In-person training sessions made it difficult for individuals from outside Oklahoma City or those with scheduling constraints to participate.

b) Scalability: The program's in-person format limited the number of participants who could enroll at a given time.

c) Cost implications: Travel expenses and accommodation costs associated with attending the training sessions posed financial barriers for many potential participants.


The primary objectives of bringing the Destination Insider Training up-to-date were:

a) Increased accessibility: To ensure that anyone interested in the program, regardless of location or schedule, could participate.

b) Scalability: To accommodate a larger number of participants simultaneously and expand the reach of the training program.

c) Cost-effective delivery: To minimize expenses for both participants and the organizing bodies while maintaining the program's high-quality content.


To bring the Destination Insider Training program online, the Oklahoma City Tourism Board collaborated closely with the Tourism Academy. The implementation process involved the following steps:

a) Learning assessment: A deep look at the desired outcomes of the new program, what transformations participants should experience by taking the course, and key factors for success

b) Content creation: Create a completely new training curriculum to suit the online learning environment, considering aspects such as multimedia integration, interactive assessments, and engaging discussions.

c) Technological infrastructure: Establishing a robust online learning platform with features such as video lectures, live webinar capabilities, discussion forums, and access to supplementary resources.

d) Professional facilitation: Engaging qualified instructors to lead the online sessions, provide guidance, and facilitate interactive discussions among participants.

e) Marketing and awareness: Employing digital marketing strategies to promote the new training program, targeting tourism professionals, aspiring tour guides, hotel staff, and other relevant stakeholders.


The launch of Oklahoma City's Destination Insider Training program in an online format yielded significant positive outcomes:

a) Enhanced accessibility: The online platform allowed individuals from various locations and time zones to participate, expanding the program's reach beyond Oklahoma City.

b) Increased enrollment: The scalability of the online format enabled a larger number of participants to enroll simultaneously, resulting in increased program uptake.

c) Cost savings: Participants no longer incurred travel or accommodation expenses, making the training program more affordable and financially accessible.

d) Improved learning outcomes: The online format allowed for dynamic and interactive learning experiences, leading to enhanced knowledge retention and application in real-world scenarios.

e) Industry professionalism: The new program instilled a sense of professionalism among participants, contributing to the overall growth and reputation of Oklahoma City's tourism industry.


Oklahoma City's collaboration with the Tourism Academy | to transition its Destination Insider Training program online has been a resounding success. The accessibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of the online platform have revolutionized tourism education in the city. By embracing digital innovation, instructional design and customized curriculum, Oklahoma City has empowered tourism professionals, nurtured industry talent, and cemented its position as a premier tourist

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