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Quick Tour: Get to Know The Tourism Academy

Welcome to The Tourism Academy. Here is a quick tour of the features you'll see when logged in to your user account.

The Tourism Academy website is comprised of three main sections - the User Dashboard, Student View and Public View. Combined, these allow you to maintain every aspect of your eLearning and online course offerings in one smart platform.

tourism student academy instructor dashboardThe User Dashboard

This is where you manage the courses you're taking as a student and those you are leading as an instructor. It's where you'll upload content, update your profile, price your courses, manage students, view statistics, connect with others, and set up your payout portal.

This is your starting point each time you login. Pick a cute profile pic like our Chief Strategist, Stephen, did.


take an online travel & hospitality courseThe Student Perspective

Students who have logged in and registered for your course get access to this gated area. It serves as your online classroom where students access lessons, course materials, quizzes and engagement tools. 


online tourism course for saleThe Shopping View

The course page is visible to potential students and private academy managers who are creating learning tracks that they will push out to their people. This is your sales page, promoting your course with images, description, ratings and a bit more about the instructor.



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