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Our Best Tips to Market Your Online Course

There is an art form to selling your online course.  Unfortunately, you can’t just toss it out there and wait for an onslaught of registrations.  You need a strategy to make it happen. If you need a helping hand getting started, we have 5 great tips to help you market your online course.

Pre-sell Your Product

When a business has something new to sell, it launches a targeted campaign to get the word out.  Your class is your product.  You need to let your audience know what you have and how (and when) they can get it.

Pre-selling is an excellent way to market your course.  Pre-selling your online course means selling your product before you launch it.  You’re selling the ideas and concepts to be taught to a small segment of your audience before you finish all of your course content.  It’s as simple as creating a page with a strong headline, short description or course highlights, any special promotions or discounts, and a call to action. 

Copy of What does my pre-sell page need_

The page should give just enough detail for the buyer to decide if the content is worthwhile.  It also gives you a chance to collect feedback and improve your offering if necessary.

Hype It On Social Media

233 million people in the U.S. used social media in 2020, spending an average of two hours each day.  Everyone and their grandma is connected on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or some other social platform.  You’d be foolish not to capitalize on its popularity!

Hyping your class on social media is a great way to link with your target audience.  It’s relevant, timely, simple, and free (unless you pay for ads.. but let’s focus on free ;)).  It boosts traffic to your site and allows you to engage with potential students in meaningful ways.

However, you can also waste precious time and resources if you don’t do it correctly.  The trick is to figure out where your market is spending time and when to “drip” content.  

Killer Tips for Using Social Media to Sell Your Online Course.  

Phone A Friend

Well... not exactly.  But you can look outside your immediate circle for a helping hand.  There’s great value in tapping the resources of your professional network.  Ask a colleague (not a competitor) to give you feedback on your course, offer a testimonial about its content, or even give you a social media shout out.

This kind of influencer marketing gives you added credibility as an industry expert and a wider market reach.  It also opens the door to potential future partnerships and opportunities.

Share Your Expertise by Guest Posting

You can also flip the influencer strategy and share your expertise with others.  Reach out to those working in your interest area and offer to guest blog or take part in a podcast.  Your colleague gets some amazing free content and you get to promote your course for free - it’s a win win!

Translate Your Course

Here’s one we bet you’ve never considered!  Translating your course into another language is a unique way to reach a broader audience.  It also helps establish you as a player in an increasingly global marketplace.  

A few things to think about when considering translation… 

  • Which language are you targeting?
  • Do you speak the target language?
  • Can you provide resources and support in that language?
  • Are there cultural or technical barriers?
  • Does it make sense to offer your course in this way?

If you can answer these fundamental questions and still feel good about translating, go for it!  It’s not as difficult as you might think.  

  • Hire a reliable translator to help with the heavy lifting.  Try a local college or university student or a freelance site for a low cost option.
  • Try a translation plugin that works with your WordPress site.
  • Add custom subtitles in your target language.

Translating your course makes your class more widely available and establishes you as an expert beyond borders.  

The secret to your success is in your marketing.  Pre-sell your product, share it on social media, find influencers, guest post, and consider translating your course into another language.  Who knows - you may end up with more students than you can handle!

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