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Tourism Academy Publishes Updated Tourism Glossary

tourism glossaryThe Tourism Academy released an update to the official glossary of tourism terms. New additions this year include phrases like certified, cross-sell, tourism ambassador and more.

The tourism glossary now includes over 200 terms, phrases and popular acronyms that are unique to the tour and travel industry. Available online or as a PDF download, the tourism industry terms and glossary are free to the public. 

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Benefits of the tourism glossary...

Having a frequently updated business and tourism industry glossary is a necessity in today’s complex environment. It ensures consistent communication between everyone in an organization. It also makes sure that everyone is viewing and using the data in the same way. It creates a necessary standard across an industry. And, since it’s becoming increasingly harder for organizations to make sense out of data and govern it properly, a well-managed glossary of tourism terms is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone is working with the same information. 

Why is a tourism industry glossary important?

A business or trade glossary can prevent poor communication and unify the departments in your organization. The tourism industry glossary offers transparency and ensures that data and business terms are accurate and understood company and industry-wide. It's also a useful tool for training new employees. Best practices for how to define terms and how they are classified builds trust and findability in your data and clarity for users.


The glossary of tourism terms has been created and is maintained by the educational staff at the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Tourism Academy | as a service to the industry, new professionals, and those eager to advance their careers and share travel experiences with others. 


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