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New Feature: Course Completion Certificates from

As an online course instructor, you want to engage your students and provide an incentive for them to complete your course.

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Many instructors also need to provide a way for their students to verify that they did in fact finish the course—e.g. for a license, governmental agency, or as part of internal training. And we all want that extra “edge” in our course or product: the factor that convinces students that we’re better than the competition. 

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That’s why I am so thrilled to announce the release of native course completion certificates by The Tourism Academy - its what tourism and hospitality management students demand. In addition, we now offer a certificate builder tool so that sponsors and those with private academies can customize the certificates their people earn. 

These certificates make it easier than ever to verify course completion, deliver efficient credential programs, and train your people without all of the hassle. Your organization can now provide its own hospitality management program, resort management or tourism management program with an independently verified credential. 

Native certificates make those workarounds in other platforms a thing of the past!

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