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NEW COURSE: The Role of Empathy in Racial Justice and Healing

Dr. Vanessa Hintz joins The Tourism Academy | to offer this incredible 30-minute workshop on the role of empathy in racial justice and healing, and strategies for inclusive leadership. Click here to enroll

This workshop will introduce attendees to contemporary concepts and terminology associated with equity and inclusion. In addition, the workshop will focus on strategies that create equitable conditions for productivity and engagement. Research, case studies, and experiential practices will aid attendees in developing understandings of equity-driven leadership.

Students will learn about:

  • Context

  • Racism and Racial Identity

  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

  • Strategies for Inclusive Leadership

  • Resources

"We are thrilled to work with Dr. Hintz to share her experience, insight and practical applications with our Tourism Academy | audience," says Stephen Ekstrom, Co-Founder and CEO. He continues, "to travel is to find likeness amongst peoples, places, cultures and times, building equality, equity, and inclusion."

Through this collaboration with Dr. Hintz, this workshop will be available at no cost to students and available as a free module to those organizations that offer training through 

In addition to this fantastic new course, Dr. Hintz joins The Tourism Academy | Speakers Bureau as a distinguished keynote, facilitator and presenter, available for meetings, conferences and corporate gatherings. Read more. 

About Dr. Vanessa Hintz...

Dr. Vanessa Hintz is a licensed clinical psychologist, workshop leader and keynote speaker. She is also a self-proclaimed "Psych Geek," and incorporates elements of popular culture into her work when beneficial. Dr. Hintz utilizes expertise in psychology and human behavior to provide insights focused on principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. She advocates for environments and relational ways of being that promote inclusivity, foster engagement, and allow individuals to show up each day as their most authentic selves.


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