Introducing the Exceptional Educator Award: Celebrating Excellence in Tourism Education

Introducing the Exceptional Educator Award: Celebrating Excellence in Tourism Education

At The Tourism Academy |, we understand the vital role that education and mentorship play in the growth and success of the tourism industry. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Exceptional Educator Award! This prestigious award aims to recognize and celebrate the outstanding educators within our industry who have demonstrated exceptional skills in education, training, and mentorship.

About the Award

The Exceptional Educator Award is designed to honor those unsung heroes who drive the success of their organizations through their dedication, innovative approaches, and impactful contributions to their colleagues’ professional development. We invite Destination Marketing CEOs to nominate a member of their team who exemplifies these qualities and has significantly contributed to the advancement of their organization.

Evaluation Criteria

Nominees will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Innovative Teaching Methods: Creativity and effectiveness in engaging learners.
  • Impact on Team Development: Measurable contributions to colleagues' professional growth.
  • Commitment to Lifelong Learning: Dedication to continuous improvement and fostering a learning culture.
  • Leadership and Inspiration: Ability to lead, inspire, and motivate others.
  • Contribution to Organizational Success: Alignment of educational efforts with organizational goals.

Awards and Recognition

Winners of the Exceptional Educator Award will receive:

  • A beautifully crafted recognition plaque.
  • A professional development grant to support further education.
  • A featured profile on The Tourism Academy’s website and social media.
  • An invitation to speak at an upcoming Tourism Academy event or webinar.
  • Access to exclusive networking events with industry leaders and peers.

How to Nominate

We encourage Destination Marketing CEOs to take this opportunity to spotlight their exceptional educators. To nominate a team member, please complete the nomination form by clicking the link below. The deadline for submissions is July 30, and the winner(s) will be announced in mid-August.

Nominate an Exceptional Educator

Join Us in Celebrating Excellence

At The Tourism Academy, we believe in the power of education to transform lives and industries. By recognizing and celebrating the exceptional educators among us, we aim to inspire a culture of continuous learning and professional growth within the tourism sector.

For any inquiries, please call (954) 289-4585.

Thank you for your participation and support in celebrating the educators who shape the future of our industry.

About the Author: Stephen Ekstrom, Tourism Keynote Speaker & Sustainability Expert

Stephen Ekstrom is the embodiment of a passionate lifelong learner and a seasoned professional in the tourism industry, serving as the CEO and co-founder of the nonprofit Tourism Academy | With over 25 years of experience, he has cultivated a deep understanding of tourism development and education, driven by his commitment to advancing the industry and fostering sustainable economies. Stephen's insatiable curiosity and love for knowledge have led him to be a proud nerd, constantly seeking to expand his expertise and share his insights with others. Alongside his faithful furry companions, Rudy and Marjorie, he embraces the digital nomad lifestyle, traversing the globe and immersing himself in diverse cultures. A dedicated advocate for continuous improvement, Stephen is a professional member of the Association for Talent Development, a member of Skal International, and holds prestigious certifications in Inclusive and Ethical Leadership from USF and Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School.

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