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INFOGRAPHIC: Simple 7 Step Plan to Create an Online Course for Tourism

Build Online Courses

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about online learning and online tourism courses is that it's difficult to create an online course. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You can create an online course for your staff or the entire Tourism Academy audience in just seven simple steps. 

Step 1 - Choose your course topic.

Find something you're passionate about. Identify a gap in the market. And look for something that might be in high demand.

Step 2 - Define your learning outcomes.

What will the students be able to do after completing a course that they were unable to do before they started? How is this transformational?Why will this be beneficial to them?

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Step 3 - Do your research and outline your course.

Think of this as building blocks. What is students need to understand first before they can understand the next concert and so on. Each of these building blocks will be one of your course sections and your lessons will be the contact you use to help students understand the subject matter.

Step 4 - Gather your course content.

The good news is if this is a topic you've already been teaching or even a sales presentation you've been making, you've already gotten most of your content. Consider YouTube videos, TedTalks and outside articles that support your content and incorporate them into your course.

Step 5 - Upload to the The Tourism Academy platform.

The Tourism Academy's learning management system makes it super easy to add content of all sorts to your course.  If you can create a word document or add a file to your google drive or dropbox, you already know how this works.  Intuitive planning makes all the difference.

Step 6 - Publish your online course.

Share it first with a trusted group of friends or peers. Get their honest feedback and make sure they leave reviews. 

Step 7 - Promote & publicize.

Tell everyone about your course, especially those who are already interested in your work and/or the course topic. 


How to Create An Online Course - 7 Steps


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