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INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Reasons You Need Tourism Ambassadors

Certified and credible tourism ambassadors are able to offer many benefits, with the most important being the ability to give your brand a boost on social media, spread positive messages, create positive visitor experiences and influence consumer (and convention) sales.

The most effective are those who are able to provide customer service and act as spokespeople for your brand. Tourism ambassadors also benefit from this process because it gives them an avenue to expand their professional network, give back to their communities, learn new skills and improve at customer service for free. The below infographic goes into more detail about just a few of the major benefits of from having your own tourism ambassador program.

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Aquamarine and Pink Lined Anatomy of Comics Visual Arts Infographic


Align stakeholders and define your destination marketing organization relevance to support tourism.

Tourism Ambassadors from all possible market sectors come together to create a full visitor experience. Destinations, both big and small, can align these sectors successfully because each benefits from a positive visitor experience!  Here are just a few of those who are positively impacted by your credentialed tourism ambassadors (CTA).

  • Transportation hubs like Airports, Rail Stations, Bus Depots, etc.
  • Activities, Attractions & Events - arts, culture, heritage, casinos, sports
  • Government - City, State, Federal - elected officials like mayors and city council, government employees like police and community outreach
  • Community Members - Passionate Volunteers & Local Citizens
  • Conference Hotels, Convention Centers & Meeting Places
  • Local Mom & Pop Shops and Downtown Merchants
  • Community & Workforce Development / Economic Development
  • Schools & Higher Education - colleges, universities, community colleges
  • Medical Facilities - Urgent Care Centers & Hospitals
  • Lodging & Hotels - home rentals, beds & breakfast, RV parks, hotels, etc.
  • Bars, Clubs, Lounges & Nightlife
  • Real Estate and Reinvestment Firms
  • Places to Dine - coffee shops, restaurants, classy joints and local favorites
  • Commercial Real Estate - malls, downtown alliances, retailers, districts, etc.
  • Event Facilities - convention center, arena, theaters, concert halls, sporting events
  • Modes of Transport - Uber, Lyft, taxi, cab, shuttle, public transit, local trolly, limo, motorcoach
  • Tourism Promoters - Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), Chambers of Commerce & Community Economic Development Groups
  • Everyone else - Tourism Spending benefits every local person and entity through reduced taxes and economic development, including local banks, corporations, etc.

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