In-Person Training: A Demand or A Reward?

What's the most effective way to incorporate in-person activity with your tourism ambassador training?

Make it a reward for tourism ambassador certification. 

Those who complete their course work are rewarded by being asked to join special networking events, exhibit previews, volunteer opportunities, etc. Make sure your ambassadors are the first to know about new happenings, make those announcements at your live event(s). Make them feel special. 

No one likes being told they HAVE to be there but we all like being invited to something special. 

By forcing potential tourism ambassadors to show up at a certain date, time and location, you're already limiting your reach to those who are available then and there. Give people the training they need, when and where they need it most. Make your tourism ambassador course available when motivation is at its peak. Remove roadblocks

Want to learn more about the incentives we recommend to those who create tourism ambassador training through The Tourism Academy? Schedule a call.


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