Master Online Teaching in 5 Easy Steps

Become An Instructor: How to Master Online Teaching in 5 Easy Steps

We get it. You’ve always wanted to teach tourism and try instructing an online course, but the prospect terrifies you to your core. After all, your professional background is tourism, not teaching! You have tons of industry knowledge to share but no idea how to start.

In the timeless words of Frankie Goes to Hollywood…. RELAX! We’ll show you how to master online teaching in 5 easy steps!

1. Plan. Plan. Plan.

Spend time with an outline and think about what you want to cover in your course. Choose your course topic and break it down into easily digestible chunks. Be sure your lessons connect in ways that make sense for your learners.

As you work through your outline, you’ll begin to see how the information flows organically for you and your students. Think about:

  • Your overarching theme
  • An introductory lesson that will shape your course content
  • Follow up lessons/activities that build on your theme

Once your outline is set, establish your learning goals. These are the big takeaways you want each student to get from your class.

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2.  Take Control of Your Tech

This is probably what terrifies people the most – especially if you’re someone who counts on your kids to handle your tech support needs.

You WILL need to be comfortable using your computer (it is an online course, after all) and communicating via an online platform like The Tourism Academy. Invest in a good microphone, be sure you have a reliable internet connection, and create a dedicated space for class. It also won’t hurt to break out the selfie light ring!

3.  Communication is Key

When you’re interacting via a screen rather than face to face, communication is vital. Encourage class discussions (even if it’s through the chat feature) and maintain a high-energy level during direct instruction.

Stay active online and in touch with your students. Be available for questions or comments, and plan activities and projects that require collaboration with others.

The more you foster clear and constant communication, the less mechanical your course will feel.

4.  2-4-6-8… Do Your Best to Motivate!

Whether extrinsic or intrinsic, we all appreciate a shout-out for a job well done. Be sure to include lots of great personal feedback and opportunities for learners to shine as part of your course.

Offer incentives like certificates of completion or credentials that make your students stand out in the travel and tourism industry. Professional advancement is a powerful incentive for those considering your class.


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5.  Gather Feedback

As a final step in your journey to becoming an epic educator, remember to gather feedback from your course participants. Ask them to share what worked and what didn’t about your content, presentation style, course work, etc.

While it may be disconcerting to open yourself up to constructive criticism, it will make you a better teacher in the long run. After all, you want students to sign up for more courses so you can share more of your industry insight and expertise.


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Don’t let the butterflies stop you from jumping into this new and exciting world of online instruction. The Tourism Academy has your back from start to finish and makes it easy to master online teaching. Your students will give you an A+ for a job well done!


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