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Glacier Country Montana: Enhancing Customer Experience With The Tourism Academy

Glacier Country, Montana, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders, is a popular tourist destination. Recognizing the importance of providing exceptional customer experience and service to its visitors, Glacier Country partnered strategically with local university partners to create a comprehensive training program. Leveraging the Tourism Academy's learning management platform, Glacier Country aimed to equip its stakeholders with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding customer experiences. This case study explores the implementation and impact of Glacier Country's use of the Tourism Academy platform.


  • Enhance customer experience: Develop a skilled workforce capable of delivering exceptional customer experiences that exceed visitor expectations.

  • Improve customer service: Equip stakeholders with essential customer service skills to effectively address visitor needs and inquiries.

  • Collaborative development: Partner with local university partners to create customized courses tailored to Glacier Country's unique tourism industry.

The Tourism Academy Partnership

Glacier Country Montana partnered with Tourism Academy, a leading learning management platform specializing in tourism and hospitality education. This partnership allowed Glacier Country to leverage the platform's robust features, such as course creation, content delivery, and progress tracking. The Tourism Academy platform provided a convenient and accessible solution for training Glacier Country's stakeholders, including tourism professionals, local businesses, and service providers.

Tourism Course Development Process

Glacier Country collaborated closely with local university partners, drawing upon their tourism and hospitality management expertise. Together, they identified vital training areas and developed courses aligned with Glacier Country's customer experience goals. The courses covered various topics, including:

  • Understanding visitor expectations and preferences

  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills

  • Problem-solving and conflict-resolution techniques

  • Cultural sensitivity and diversity awareness

  • Providing personalized and memorable experiences

  • Handling difficult customer situations

  • Teamwork and collaboration in the tourism industry

Implementation and Adoption

Glacier Country rolled out the training program to its stakeholders using the Tourism Academy platform. The platform's user-friendly interface and flexible learning options facilitated easy access to the courses for participants. Stakeholders could complete the training at their own pace, allowing them to balance their learning with their work responsibilities.

To promote adoption, Glacier Country implemented the following strategies:

  • Internal communication: Engaged key stakeholders through internal communication channels, emphasizing the importance of the training program and its alignment with Glacier Country's commitment to exceptional customer experiences.

  • Incentives: Offered incentives for individuals and businesses that completed the training program, such as certifications and recognition.

  • Marketing and awareness: Collaborated with local tourism associations and chambers of commerce to raise awareness about the program and its benefits, encouraging participation from various stakeholders.

Impact and Benefits

The implementation of the Tourism Academy's learning management platform yielded significant benefits for Glacier Country Montana and its stakeholders:

  • Enhanced customer experiences: Stakeholders better-understood visitor expectations, allowing them to provide personalized experiences that exceeded expectations. This led to increased visitor satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

  • Improved customer service: Participants developed strong customer service skills, enabling them to address visitor inquiries, resolve issues efficiently, and create positive interactions throughout the tourism journey.

  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing: The partnership with local university partners fostered collaboration between academia and industry, resulting in customized courses tailored to Glacier Country's specific needs.

  • Professional development: Stakeholders experienced professional growth, acquiring valuable skills that enhanced their career prospects within the tourism industry.

  • Sustainable tourism practices: The training program incorporated principles of sustainable tourism, empowering stakeholders to contribute to Glacier Country's sustainable development and preservation efforts.


Glacier Country Montana's collaboration with local university partners and the Tourism Academy's learning management platform demonstrated the organization's commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and improving customer service in the tourism industry. Through the customized courses offered on the platform, stakeholders gained essential skills and knowledge, resulting in enhanced visitor satisfaction and long-term benefits for Glacier Country's tourism sector. By investing in continuous training and professional development, Glacier Country Montana positioned itself as a premier tourist destination with a reputation for exceptional customer service and memorable experiences.


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