Empowering Destination Marketing Organizations: The Tourism Academy's Three Layers of Partner Support

In the ever-evolving world of tourism, destination marketing organizations (DMOs) face the challenge of staying at the forefront of the industry. To thrive in this dynamic landscape, DMOs need robust stakeholder training programs that can adapt to changing trends and technologies. This is where the Tourism Academy steps in, offering three layers of partner support to help DMOs build and manage their training programs effectively.

1. Engineering and Technical Support - Powered by Thinkific

Harnessing the power of technology, the Tourism Academy partners with DMOs to provide top-notch engineering and technical support. Thinkific, a leading online course platform, powers the backbone of this support. This partnership ensures that DMOs can access cutting-edge tools and resources that make online and in-person training programs seamless and effective.

Stephen Ekstrom, the CEO and co-founder of the Tourism Academy, highlights the significance of this support, saying, "In the digital age, having a robust online training platform is vital. Thinkific's technology empowers DMOs to deliver engaging and informative training experiences, reaching a global audience effortlessly."

2. Instructional Design and Curriculum Support

The second layer of support is centered around instructional design and curriculum development. The Tourism Academy enlists the expertise of a diverse group of "nerds" passionate about education. This team comprises organizational psychologists, educators, and instructional designers who work collaboratively to create comprehensive and engaging training materials.

The importance of this layer is evident as Stephen Ekstrom shares, "Effective education is rooted in well-structured curriculum and engaging instructional design. Our 'nerd' team ensures that DMOs have access to training materials that are not only informative but also enjoyable to learn from."

3. Subject Matter Experts

Lastly, the Tourism Academy connects DMOs with subject matter experts with firsthand experience in the tourism industry. These experts have worked in the trenches, helping destinations develop, implement, and assess visitor engagement and market growth strategies. Their practical knowledge is invaluable for DMOs looking to stay competitive in the tourism industry.

Stephen Ekstrom underscores the significance of this support, stating, "Learning from those who have navigated the challenges and successes of the tourism industry is invaluable. Our subject matter experts bring real-world insights that DMOs can't find anywhere else."

In conclusion, the Tourism Academy offers a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to partner support for DMOs. By providing cutting-edge technology, expertise in instructional design, and access to industry experts, the Academy empowers DMOs to create training programs that are effective and adaptive to the ever-changing tourism landscape. As Stephen Ekstrom eloquently says, "Our goal is to help DMOs 'do better' in their training programs, ensuring that they can navigate the tourism industry with confidence and excellence."

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