Educational Accessibility For Tourism Training

Educational Accessibility For Tourism Training

Ensuring that educational resources are accessible to all learners is a fundamental aspect of the Tourism Academy's mission. As part of our ongoing commitment to inclusivity, we continuously enhance our Learning Management System (LMS) to maximize accessibility for students with diverse needs. Here's how our LMS promotes accessibility:

Alt Text for Images on Landing Pages

Adding alt text to images on landing pages is crucial for users who rely on screen readers. By accurately describing the content of images, blind students can better comprehend the visual elements of the page. Our Site Builder themes allow users to add alt text to various sections, including Image & Text, Image Gallery, and more.

Alt Text and Alternate Audio in Text Lessons

In Text Lessons, instructors can embed images, videos, or audio files while editing the HTML to include alt text for images. Additionally, providing alternative audio for videos enhances accessibility for students with different learning preferences or abilities.

Closed Captions for Videos

Including closed captions in video lessons benefits students who are Deaf or hard of hearing, enabling them to engage with the content effectively. Furthermore, captions in multiple languages cater to international learners, fostering a more inclusive learning environment.

Transcripts for Audio Lessons

For Audio Lessons, providing a text transcript assists students who are Deaf or hard of hearing in accessing the learning materials. Integrating autogenerated transcripts from platforms like YouTube further enhances accessibility.

Accessible PDFs

Prior to uploading PDFs to the site, instructors can ensure accessibility by following best practices. Creating accessible PDFs improves readability and usability for all learners, including those using assistive technologies.

Language Availability

In order to support students who speak multiple languages in a single learning environment, you can enable students to choose their language. This will allow your students to select a language that best suits them, and the site messages (buttons, menus, etc - everything other than content you've created) will appear in their language of choice. 

Additionally, Chrome users have the option of displaying all page text (including lesson text) in their preferred language automatically. For additional integrations, there are plug-ins available.

Additional Recommendations

To further enhance accessibility, we recommend adhering to Section 508 compliance standards and utilizing tools like the axe plugin for Chrome. These tools help identify and address accessibility issues within lesson content, ensuring an optimal learning experience for all students.

At the Tourism Academy, we believe that accessibility is not just a feature but a fundamental principle of education. By leveraging our LMS's accessibility features and implementing best practices, we empower learners of all abilities to engage with our educational resources fully. Join us in creating a more inclusive learning community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


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