Discover Kalamazoo's Ambassador Training Program: Empowering Stakeholders through Engagement, Inspiration, and Education


Discover Kalamazoo, a leading destination marketing organization (DMO) in Kalamazoo, Michigan, sought to enhance stakeholder engagement, inspire ambassadors, and educate their diverse stakeholders. Recognizing the need for an innovative and comprehensive training program, Discover Kalamazoo partnered with The Tourism Academy ( to develop an Ambassador Training Program. This case study highlights how the program successfully engaged, inspired, and educated stakeholders, providing key benefits such as multimedia lessons, a modular format, ease of use, and widespread accessibility.


  • Enhance stakeholder engagement: Establish a training program involving stakeholders in promoting Kalamazoo's attractions, events, and hospitality industry.
  • Inspire ambassadors: Foster a sense of pride and ownership among stakeholders, transforming them into passionate advocates for Kalamazoo.
  • Educate stakeholders: Equip stakeholders with in-depth knowledge about Kalamazoo's offerings, history, and culture, enabling them to provide accurate and engaging information to visitors.

The Solution:

Discover Kalamazoo partnered with The Tourism Academy, renowned for its expertise in creating cutting-edge training programs for the tourism industry. Together, they developed an Ambassador Training Program that incorporated the following features:

  1. a. Multimedia Lessons: The program leveraged multimedia resources such as videos, interactive quizzes, and virtual tours to deliver engaging and immersive learning experiences. This multimedia approach catered to different learning styles and brought Kalamazoo's attractions to life.
  2. Modular Format: The program was divided into modular units, allowing stakeholders to progress at their own pace and revisit specific topics as needed. This modular format made updating and expanding the program easy, ensuring it remained relevant and up-to-date.
  3. Ease of Use: The training program was designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and intuitive for all stakeholders, regardless of their technical expertise. Clear instructions and navigation tools ensured that participants could easily navigate the training materials.
  4. Minimal Staff Resources: The Ambassador Training Program was designed to require minimal staff resources for maintenance. The user-friendly content management system allowed Discover Kalamazoo's team to update and manage the program efficiently, freeing up resources for other initiatives.
  5. Availability Anytime, Anywhere: The program was accessible to all stakeholders, including local businesses, volunteers, and community members, on-demand and across multiple devices. This flexibility allowed participants to access the training materials whenever and wherever they needed them, maximizing convenience and participation.

Results and Benefits:

  1. Increased Stakeholder Engagement: The Ambassador Training Program significantly boosted stakeholder engagement, as participants actively contributed to promoting Kalamazoo's offerings. Stakeholders developed a stronger connection to the destination and were motivated to share their knowledge and experiences with others
  2. Inspired Ambassadors: The training program was pivotal in inspiring stakeholders to become passionate ambassadors for Kalamazoo. By providing in-depth knowledge about the destination's unique features and offerings, the program instilled a sense of pride and ownership among participants, motivating them to go above and beyond in promoting Kalamazoo.
  3. Educated Stakeholders: The comprehensive training program equipped stakeholders with a deep understanding of Kalamazoo's history, culture, attractions, and hospitality industry. Armed with accurate and engaging information, stakeholders were able to provide exceptional experiences for visitors, enhancing Kalamazoo's reputation as a premier tourist destination.
  4. Cost and Time Efficiency: Discover Kalamazoo benefited from the modular format of the training program, as it enabled easy updates and expansions. The program required minimal staff resources for maintenance, allowing the organization to allocate its time and budget to other important initiatives.
  5. Wide Accessibility: The availability of the training program anytime, anywhere, ensured that all stakeholders could access the materials conveniently. This inclusivity allowed for a broader reach and participation, fostering a stronger community of knowledgeable advocates for Kalamazoo.


Through collaboration with The Tourism Academy, Discover Kalamazoo successfully implemented an Ambassador Training Program that engaged, inspired, and educated stakeholders. The program's incorporation of multimedia lessons, modular format, ease of use, and wide accessibility created a comprehensive training experience. Discover Kalamazoo witnessed increased stakeholder engagement, inspired passionate ambassadors, and empowered stakeholders with a deep understanding of Kalamazoo's attractions. By leveraging the capabilities of The Tourism Academy, Discover Kalamazoo established a sustainable training program that continues to benefit the destination's tourism industry.

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