Destination Insights: Unveiling Cincinnati with Julie Calvert, CEO of Visit Cincy

Join us in this captivating podcast episode as The Tourism Academy's Stephen Ekstrom dives into the vibrant city of Cincinnati with a remarkable guest, Julie Calvert, President & CEO of Visit Cincy. Julie's journey into destination marketing is a fascinating tale of serendipity, starting as a journalist and eventually leading her to helm one of the city's most influential organizations.




Discover how Julie, a seasoned professional with a penchant for taking calculated risks and a strategic mindset, repaired Cincinnati's image after adversity. Her dedication to building trust within her team and her passion for her hometown shine through as she shares her experiences and insights.

Beyond her role in tourism, Julie is a multi-talented individual, proficient in playing both the drums and bass guitar. She's also intrigued by the potential of AI in destination marketing, recognizing its transformative power when managed correctly.

Julie's deep connection to Cincinnati is evident as she discusses the city's thriving arts, culture, and culinary scenes, all complemented by a strong sense of civic pride. She challenges the misconception that destination marketing doesn't make a difference, emphasizing the importance of teams like hers in shaping perceptions of cities.

In this episode, you'll also hear about Julie's inspirations, her favorite quote from Maya Angelou, and her upcoming vacation plans to Florida with her husband. Her enthusiasm for exploring new places and enjoying life's moments is infectious.

Julie shares her wisdom with young professionals, encouraging them to follow their passions and prioritize happiness in their careers. She exemplifies how being authentic, resilient, and dedicated can lead to success in the tourism industry.

You can tune in for an engaging conversation about the heart and soul of Cincinnati through the eyes of a leader who is deeply committed to her city and its continued growth. Whether you're a tourism enthusiast or simply curious about the journey of a CEO in the industry, this episode offers valuable insights and a genuine sense of Cincinnati's allure.

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