Crafting Hospitality Futures: A Conversation with Dr. Robert Donato

In this enlightening episode, join us as we delve into hospitality and tourism with Dr. Robert Donato, Assistant Professor and Hospitality Program Manager at R. Motwani Family Academy of Hospitality & Tourism Management at Broward College. Dr. Donato, a New York native who found his way to Broward County and back, shares his incredible journey from the bustling world of hotels and restaurants to the fulfilling realm of education.


Discover the greatest misconception in the hospitality industry through Dr. Donato's eyes and hear about his transition from operational milestones to the joy of teaching. Learn how he collaborates with the Motwani Foundation to bring enriching opportunities to students, making Broward College stand out with its unique array of programs and initiatives.

Dr. Donato's passion for teaching and the industry shines as he discusses the importance of practical experience and nurturing that "light bulb moment" in students. Join us as we explore his vision for the industry's future, overcoming challenges and welcoming travelers back with personalized experiences.

Intriguingly, we touch on the changing landscape of hospitality in the digital age, emphasizing social responsibility and sustainability. Dr. Donato also expresses his gratitude to the Motwani family and highlights Broward College's exceptional curriculum.

You can engage with an industry expert dedicated to shaping the future of hospitality education and advancing the industry. To learn more about Broward College and the Motwani Foundation, visit, or contact Dr. Robert Donato directly at

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