Case Study: Ottawa Tourism's Success with the "Ottawa Certified Travel Professional" Program

Background: Ottawa Tourism, in collaboration with the nonprofit Tourism Academy, embarked on a mission to engage, inspire, and empower travel professionals globally. The result was the "Ottawa Certified Travel Professional" program, a comprehensive online training initiative designed to not only elevate the expertise of travel agents and tour operators but also generate valuable leads for Ottawa as a destination.

Engagement and Inspiration:

Tailored Curriculum: Ottawa Tourism recognized the need for a program that went beyond generic information. The curriculum was meticulously crafted, blending historical insights, cultural highlights, and insider tips to create a truly engaging learning experience. This approach ensured that travel professionals not only gained knowledge but were also inspired to showcase Ottawa's unique offerings.

Interactive Learning Modules: The online platform featured interactive modules, allowing participants to virtually explore Ottawa's attractions, cultural events, and culinary scene. This immersive approach resonated with travel professionals, keeping them engaged throughout the learning process.

Exclusive Insights: Ottawa Tourism leveraged its extensive network to provide exclusive insights from local experts, including interviews, virtual tours, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. These unique perspectives added depth to the program, making it a valuable resource for professionals seeking to offer authentic and enriching experiences to their clients.

Empowerment and Skill Enhancement:

Endorsement by The Tourism Academy: The collaboration with The Tourism Academy, a respected nonprofit organization, added credibility to the program. The industry-backed certification not only empowered travel professionals with knowledge but also enhanced their professional standing.

Flexible Learning Options: Recognizing the diverse schedules of travel professionals, Ottawa Tourism offered flexible learning options. The online nature of the program allowed participants to access modules at their convenience, ensuring minimal disruption to their busy schedules.

Networking Opportunities: Ottawa Tourism facilitated virtual networking events, connecting travel professionals with each other and with key stakeholders in Ottawa's tourism industry. This not only enhanced their knowledge but also provided valuable networking opportunities for future collaborations.

Lead Generation:

Strategic Marketing Campaigns: Ottawa Tourism implemented targeted marketing campaigns to promote the "Ottawa Certified Travel Professional" program. This included leveraging social media, industry publications, and partnerships with travel associations to reach a wide audience of travel professionals.

Incentives and Rewards: To encourage enrollment and completion of the program, Ottawa Tourism introduced incentives such as exclusive fam trips, discounts on accommodations, and access to special events in Ottawa. These incentives not only motivated travel professionals but also generated excitement and word-of-mouth referrals.

Customized Resources: Ottawa Tourism provided program graduates with a toolkit of customized resources, including marketing materials, itineraries, and promotional content. This empowered travel professionals to seamlessly incorporate Ottawa into their offerings, effectively turning their newfound knowledge into tangible leads.


The "Ottawa Certified Travel Professional" program proved to be a resounding success for Ottawa Tourism. Not only did it empower travel professionals with in-depth knowledge and insights, but it also generated a significant increase in leads and bookings for Ottawa as a destination. The collaborative effort with The Tourism Academy showcased the impact of aligning educational initiatives with industry expertise, ultimately contributing to Ottawa's position as a top-tier travel destination.

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