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PODCAST: Business Class With People Making Their Career in Tourism

Be sure to subscribe to The Tourism Academy's video and audio Podcast Series, Business Class - People Making a Living & A Difference In the Tourism IndustryChief Learning Officer Sheena Works and Chief Strategist Stephen Ekstrom sit down with passionate people who have built their careers, businesses and local economies while making a difference to the travel and tourism industry. 

We share the inside scoop from prominent executives and leaders from our own Advisory Panel, while keeping you up to date with the latest travel industry news and trends. The interviewees are from a diverse background that reach the full spectrum of enterprise impacted by tourism. Ranging from travel agency experts, destination marketing gurus, ecommerce specialists, academics and more, The Tourism Academy's Business Class series covers the most important facets of building one's legacy within the travel landscape. We discover how these influential thought leaders have achieved their success and how their experiences relate more widely to the rapidly changing ecosystem.

With this series, The Tourism Academy is leveraging its network to bring you valuable insight on a regular basis.

If you're looking for inspiration, recognition, a fresh start or have a great story to tell, this is for you.

The Business Class video podcast can be found on Vimeo here, Roku, and AmazonFireTV. The audio version is available on Spotify, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Deezer, Player FM, Podcast Index, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts, Listen Notes, Roku, and AmazonFireTV


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