Broadway Inbound Reaches International Buyers With Product Training Course

Broadway Inbound and their Broadway Collection invite visitors to take a seat, be entertained, learn the arts, and experience all that is happening on the great white way. With so much to do and see, Broadway Inbound, digitally housed at, needed a new tool to teach travel professionals about current shows, offerings, how to book and stay  top-of-mind amongst group tour planners.

The move to The Tourism Academy's online product training service allowed their team to become more independent, deliver consistent messaging, incentivize customer loyalty and reach planners who would have otherwise been overlooked - resulting in strong program participation and additional tickets sold, without adding staff or increasing their travel budget. 

Broadway Inbound's use of Online Product Training has paid off:

  • 100% opt-in rate for program participants

  • 320 course views from pre-qualified prospects within the first two weeks of launch

  • 3,764 impressions through Tourism Academy social networks




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