7 Benefits of a Diverse Online Learning Community

An online learning community brings together diverse groups of students from different states, countries, and cultures. National borders fade away at these global gatherings, because they simply don’t matter. Technology frees students to attend online courses around the world and participate in dynamic online learning experiences. Though diverse in their backgrounds, online students are drawn together by a shared interest in an area of study and a desire to better themselves by gaining new skills to advance and remain competitive in their careers or fulfill a personal goal. The combination fuels a high-energy learning environment.

Is Diversity a Good Thing for an Online Learning Community?

Absolutely, and especially in these seven ways:

  1. Interact With International Students

    Online courses provide many opportunities to interact with students of all ages with different backgrounds, skills, experiences, and cultures. You can exchange ideas in online discussion forums and chat rooms, post announcements, study together, and attend real-time seminars.

  2. Collaborate Internationally on Group Projects

    Coursework at an online training platform like The Tourism Academy or college often includes group projects, deliberately bringing together classmates to work toward a common goal. Being part of a cross-cultural team teaches key skills in great demand in today’s workplace. Employers are looking for professionals who can step outside of their comfort zone and collaborate effectively with multidisciplinary teams.

  3. Gain a Global Perspective

    It happens all the time in the global marketplace: companies that traditionally sold their products domestically are now identifying and reaching international markets. As a student in an accredited online certificate program at a globally recognized tourism training leader based in the U.S., you become more comfortable thinking on an international scale as you communicate and collaborate with students around the world via e-mail, chat rooms, and online collaboration programs.

  4. Promote Social Change

    Your online learning community can provide you with valuable insights into other cultures and the wide-ranging effects different societies have on their citizens. A broader world view can make you more passionate and committed to improving the lives of others in your own community.

  5. Networking on a Global Scale

    When you have discussions and participate in projects with international students, you are naturally exposed to fresh ideas, unique perspectives, and ways of doing business in different cultures. As part of a global learning community, you also have the chance to build strong bonds with students in other parts of the world. Networking that begins in online classes can develop into long-lasting professional friendships.

  6. Acceptance of Other Viewpoints

    The faculty at The Tourism Academy often give assignments to stimulate lively discussions and differing points of views. For example, you may be assigned to defend gun ownership without background checks when you personally support gun control. These intellectual exercises can help you become more accepting and understanding of those with opposing points of view.

  7. Global Experience on Your Résumé

    As an online student in a diverse, global tourism learning community, you’ve had many opportunities to learn vital skills—digital and otherwise—that can help advance your career in your present company or give you a competitive edge in your job-hunting efforts.

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