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6 Must-Have eLearning Modules For Destination Marketing Organizations

Training often takes a backseat in tourism authorities and travel organizations as employees, as well as managers, tend to prioritize tasks and meetings over training programs. Nevertheless, every organization invests in some type of training. Training in destination marketing organisations and tourism industry associations needs to address 2 different categories of employees or members—old and new. There are some training programs such as the new hire orientation and the onboarding, that are exclusively for new hires. Some, such as leadership training, are more applicable to senior employees, while other skill-based kinds of training are relevant to both new and old employees. Of course, skill-based training may again address different levels of learners, according to their skill.

Organizations that are looking for cost-effective, flexible and easily accessible forms of training have jumped on the eLearning bandwagon. If you are a professional involved in the Learning and Development needs of your organization, this article is for you. You need to be aware of the following eLearning modules that every organization needs:

1.Customer Acquisition & Onboarding

Sales is the art of educating prospects and existing customers. First, one must assess the prospects' needs and pain points, then teach the decision maker how and why your product solves that problem more effectively and efficiently than other alternatives. The same is true in the tourism and hospitality industry - travel professionals need to know how and why your product, service, tour or destination is ideal for their customers and will help them run a more profitable travel business. 

This is online product training - using lessons from adult learning and instructional design to educate, inspire and engage with potential customers, generate leads and build brand loyalty. With your online tourism course, you can teach travel agents, operators and entire conglomerates how to be your advocates, ambassadors and front-line sales representatives around the globe. 

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2. New Hire Onboarding

Organizations that need new hires to quickly get familiar with their culture and processes cannot afford to skip the onboarding training. With a majority of the modern workforce comprising Millennials, the popularity of eLearning for employee onboarding is on the rise.

One of our clients wanted an eLearning module for new hire onboarding that could be used to deliver consistent and engaging training. The Instructional Design strategy of learning through exploration and discovery let new hires explore to learn more about different departments.

Whenever you design an eLearning module for new hires, remember that the ground rule is not to overwhelm learners with too much information.

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3. Compliance Training

Compliance training is required to ensure that employees follow rules and regulations in the workplace. While new hires need to be introduced to the compliance laws, old employees need periodic reinforcement of the training. Now, why should an organization opt for compliance training as an eLearning module? This is because compliance as a subject can be quite boring when delivered through classroom training.

A course for an electronics manufacturing company that needed an eLearning course on data privacy was made interesting using gamification. Learners had fun as they watched the scores go up with every correct answer. The course was also translated into 9 different languages.

Customized eLearning modules not only make compliance training engaging but also take care of information retention. This holds true whether you consider yours an important tourism marketing organizations or a small mom & pop operation.

4. Products And Services Training

Employees need to be aware of the products and services their company offers. This is especially important for sales staff who are at the front-end, interacting with customers on a regular basis. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if a sales team member is unable to answer customer queries.

One of the world’s largest providers of in-destination tour, guide and receptive services asked us to design an eLearning module for sales training. The sales reps were required ask the right questions to customers, and provide effective solutions. Classroom training has always been a popular approach to sales training. So, the User Interface of the eLearning course we designed resembled a classroom, and the course included the character of a mentor and a dialogue-based approach to take trainees through the course.

An eLearning module for sales training can be used to enhance knowledge, update sales skills, and improve the motivational levels of your sales team.

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5. Software Training

Most organizations use software programs for various business applications. Needless to say, employees need to be trained on using specific software applications that simplify work and improve productivity.

eLearning modules for software training can let learners practice in a safe environment through Watch-Try-Do simulations. It also makes it easier to rollout role-based training where employees get a hands-on experience on the software according to their role.

6. Soft Skills Training

Soft skills are extremely important for any employee. While soft skills such as effective business communication and time management are best mastered through informal learning, how many employees actually take the effort to interact with or observe others and learn? Leadership is another skill that comes with experience and is best taught through classroom training. But, busy schedules leave very little time for training. It makes sense for organizations to invest in eLearning modules for soft skills training.

One of our clients, a global leader in wholesale tour products wanted managers in the company to learn about leadership assessment to evaluate employees’ competencies. Our eLearning module delivered this information in an easy-to-understand, engaging format.

eLearning modules provide the much-required training reinforcement that is essential in soft skills training. You can choose from customized or off-the-shelf eLearning modules for soft skills training.

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Unlike traditional training methods, where there is a chance of inconsistency creeping in, eLearning modules can offer training that is consistent and aligned with your business goals. Just get started on promoting eLearning in your company and relax, as you save on training dollars and watch employee engagement and productivity go up, with solutions that are just perfect to address your organization’s training needs.


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